Pioneering Path to Brilliance! Sony VAIO Tap 20 Desktop

Touch screen computing is a freshly baked technology that has come into existence gaining from Microsoft’s vibrant new interface. Every computer manufacturing company is giving in their best fight to create something unique binding this technology with Windows 8 update. One such company is Sony which has already achieved a great line of success with its fusion of a sliding tablet and laptop with VAIO Duo 11. Not satisfied enough, Sony has gone more adventurous with its creations by further distorting the line between a desktop and a tablet.  This bend has resulted into a new product namely, Sony VAIO Tap 20 Desktop. This 20 inch desktop all-in-one PC comes with a touch screen and a bewildered feature of battery operation that lets you carry it all around your place. Sony desktop computer Price ranges from mid priced devices to high end products but Sony VAIO Tap 20 Desktop Price is approximately Rs 68,517 which falls somewhere in the middle of the pricing section.

Design and Display:

The all glass front panel and a Windows home button sited smartly at the base make this 20-inch display tablet cum PC the most elegant and well designed devices around. It is merely a giant tablet that comes with dimensions of 504 x 187 x 304 mm and weighs around 5.2 KG. The absurd weight does not allow you to carry it around town but you can always carry it around the house or in your garden for a pleasurable PC time.

Not defining it as a real tablet, it has a stand at the rear part to make it firm on the table making it look like a normal desktop with wireless mouse and keyboard. With the metal constructed slim stand, you can reposition this device according to your convenience.

Marking disappointment with its no Full HD feature, the Tap 20 proffers a resolution of 1,600x900 pixels. With such huge size, a Full HD Display was a necessity but revolving around the price tag, this downside can be neglected. The display is intense and vivid giving out some amazing colors and making Windows 8 tiles look bold and gorgeous as always.

The Interface:

Working on Windows 8 Single Language 64 bit, the Desktop outshines with its functionality and interface. Windows 8 is intended for touch input as it depends deeply on a range of signals and gestures. With motions like swipes and pokes, you can navigate through the Windows tiles for a whole new experience of computing.  Completely different from other Window operating system, this new interface takes a high road to present to its users with loads of features and an a very user friendly experience. some of the installed software include Socialife, Family Paint, Fingertapps Organizer, Air Soccer Fever, Microsoft| Office Trial, Music app, Imagination Studio VAIO Edition (ACID| Music Studio 9, Sound Forge| Audio Studio 10), Imagination Studio VAIO Edition (DVD Architect| Studio 5.0, Movie Studio Platinum 12), Adobe| Photoshop| Elements 11, Play Memories Home, VAIO Movie Creator, Album app, Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 60days and more.


The Tap 20 is powered by Intel Core i5 processor with 6GB of RAM. That is the only available configuration with this model unlike the other models of Sony Desktop PCs. Well, with this configuration you will not face any lags or delays making the touch smooth and opening of apps quite quick and swift.

                                                 Tap 20 Hardware

•    Windows 8 software
•    Supports portability factor with its battery powered operations.
•    life-size screen

•    Screen is not Full HD
•    Heavy weight
•    A bit Expensive

Last Words:
The 20-inch touch screen display and portability feature with battery operations makes the Tap 20 a unique though confusing device. Considering its full Windows 8 operating system and other dominant constituents, Sony has given out a full package of entertainment with delight.  

Piya Gogia takes interest in latest gadget updates and loves to explore gizmos. Being an instinctive gadget nerd, she has already reviewed Sony desktop computer, Karbonn tablet, Acer Tablet and many other popular devices. The more she discovers, the more she writes.

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