What to Expect from Google in the Nearest Future?

Google is not only a powerful search system, but also a huge company conducting new high-tech projects. Soon we will witness the creation of driver less cars, airships receiving Wi-Fi signals and other interesting technologies.

                                 Google Technologies

New Android based smartphone Moto X

Google has bought Motorola Mobility and became an owner of 24,000 patents and developments. Very soon Motorola Mobility will be ready to release new smartphone performing functions which competitors can’t offer to their customers. 

Driverless cars

Google has been piloting the project Driverless Car Program for several years. Representatives of the company are negotiating with the authorities about the resolution for testing «independent» cars. Only Nevada, and California gave their permission so far. Ten cars have already overcame 300,000 miles without a driver in test mode.

Medicine projects

Google owns part of the Adimab company, developing a system aimed to diagnose and cure various diseases. The companies have set a goal to invent small sensors that are engaged in searching and optimization of antibodies produced by the body. The patient has to swallow this sensor before the treatment in order to analyze the quality and quantity of certain antibodies. Furthermore, there is another medical development, fulfilling the function of "cell reprogramming" that will fight with diseases by modifying cells.

«Smart house»

New technology from Google, called Android@Home, is still under development, and all its possibilities have not been revealed yet. However, we already know that the main purpose of the innovative program is to link all the household appliances in a house to one system. This technology will help your fridge to order the products, whilst you are away; the coffeemaker will make coffee and microwave oven reheat food just before you arrive home.

Internet airships

Google is going to become the leader among Internet providers. For this purpose the company has launched special airships, which carry Wi-Fi signals. This will provide a wireless connection to all remote parts of the planet. If the project is successful, then 1 billion users will start using internet resources.

Space Elevator

In 2011 Google X decided to work on the idea of Space elevator, a technology that will take people to the Earth orbit. Yes, this idea is one of “What if” projects and many people claim that most probably this is the mission impossible so far. Others are sure that this project is aimed to distract people from innovations developing by the company which will amaze the world in future.  

Android-based Smart Watches

Google is planning to present a competitor for iWatch – Android based smartphone wristwatch. New device from Google, which will be called the Gem, is supposed to be the part of Nexus device family. A significant part of the functions of the smart watch are connected with Google Now service, preparing answers based on inquiries in search systems and geographic location of the user.

Eco-friendly sources of energy

Recently Google has acquired the company Makani Power, developing technologies in the field of solar and wind energy. One of the most famous innovations bought by Google is wind turbines. Hanging at the height of 960-2000 feet this magic technology generates energy literally out of the air. 

Android based video game console

New video game console will become a “killer” for Apple TV, similar Apple product. Android based game console will allow gamers to play games just on a TV set.

Google Glasses

Almost everybody heard about Google Glass. The reaction on this innovation was controversial. But the fact remains - it is truly a new high-tech invention, which has no analogues. No wonder why it is so: with the help of Google glasses the information can be managed with human eyes. One look up and you are checking social networks, weather, e-mail -  everything you can see l at the tablet or a smartphone.
This article is written by Melisa Marzett, a specialist in the field of technologies, innovations and internet equipment. You are welcome to read other articles written by Melisa on http://fastcustomwritinghelp.com/.

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