Five Ways Smaller Technology Is Making Us Healthier

In the past, it was assumed that all the advances of the future would simply be bigger and better. However, we are now learning that the most valuable advances in scientific and medicinal research are occurring on the microscopic and molecular level. The more advanced we become, the smaller our technology seems to be. In light of this fact, we can take a look at the coming medical horizon by breaking out our biological microscopes. The top 5 advances that are making us healthier are related to nanotechnology.

                                           Smarter Technology

Cleaning Up Energy

There is no doubt that burning fossil fuels takes a toll on everyone's health. The pollution increases cancer rates and instances of lung disease. Nanotechnology is now giving us the potential to leave behind this detrimental form of energy dependence. Nanotechnology is reaching the point that it can change any type of material at the molecule level. In terms of energy collection, it allows for manufacturing solar cells that are five times more effective at gathering the sun's energy. The efficiency of solar technology is a serious issue with some very real life-altering potential.


Nano-robotics is one of the fastest growing fields in existence. These tiny “factories” are carbon-based machines with the ability to self-replicate. They can be injected into the human body where they have the ability to take images at the cellular level, repair certain types of wounds, and even mend damaged sections of DNA strands.

Expanding Treatments Across the Globe

Many countries face serious disadvantages in healthcare simply due to the fact that they have no access to refrigeration. However, the DxBox is using nanotechnology to produce a disease-testing device that is smaller than a credit card and can be used without the aid of refrigeration or additional supplies. The kit allows for blood tests and other forms of diagnostic treatments.

Environmental Cleansing

An estimated 600 million people suffer from disease thanks to polluted water supplies alone throughout the world. Nanomagnets can make a dent in this number by being injected into polluted water sources where they attach themselves to arsenic in the liquid and purify it, making it clean enough for human consumption. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has also noted that similar technologies of this kind that attach to iron could serve as replacements for standard carbon-based water filters.

Cancer Cures

We may soon see an end to chemotherapy in most healthcare facilities thanks to nanotechnology advances. Scientists at MIT and Harvard have had success killing prostrate cancer cells using nanotechnology without harming the surrounding tissue. Other scientists across the nation are also starting to see success using the same techniques to treat breast cancer and other forms of this deadly disease.

Smaller is certainly better when it comes to attacking disease. There seems to be no better method of attacking illness on its home front other than nanotechnology. There is no doubt that small computers are making a big impact in the world of health care and beyond.

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