5 Great Options When Choosing An Ecommerce Platform For Your Online Store

A lot of people would love to start their own online store, but it's hard to get started when you don't know which platform to go with. Luckily it doesn't need to be hard and we can look at a few of your best options right now. Just choose the option that is best for you and jump in feet first otherwise you will never get started.


If you have any WordPress experience you might want to go down the WooCommerce route. The reason it's great is because you just need to upload a WordPress plugin and you're ready to go. It has really strong security and it's easy to have full control over your store. There are a few downsides and one of them is the fact you will have to spend money on upgrades as you need them. It's also not as powerful as the other options, but if you don't have many products it's a good choice.


Shopify didn't used to be such a great choice because they charged you a fee every time you made a sale. People wanting to make maximum profits didn't like this, but these days you have nothing to worry about because you only need to pay a low monthly fee. Shopify also has a lot of beautiful custom designs which means your store is guaranteed to look great. It's easy to get started and there are lots of resources where you can learn how to run your store effectively.


Bigcommerce is the biggest rival to Shopify and they are just as popular, but there are a few things that separate them. Unless you know how to code your Bigcommerce store will probably look ugly, not that the design will necessarily have any bearing on how many products you sell. Your coding experience can also be an advantage because Bigcommerce is more powerful than Shopify once you start playing around in the backend, so if you're a coder it might be the choice for you.


Magneto is one step up from the rest of them and it's for anyone looking to build a very powerful store. If you're just getting started it's not something you will want to look at. You can always upgrade to Magneto at a later date. You will find tons of features that can help boost your revenue and there is enough training material to keep you busy forever. If you need to take your ecommerce business to the next level Magneto is the obvious choice.

Custom built

There is always the option of having a store custom built and you will find many programmers who can help make your dreams come true. The biggest drawback might be the costs involved, but at the same time you could make more money by changing your design in whatever way you want until your store's conversion rate is very high. Don't forget you can also hire a programmer to help you build a store on one of the platforms we've already talked about.

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