5 Great Advances In Technology You Didn't Know About

The rapid pace at which technology is advancing in the 21st century is making us miss some inventions and forget about others. Scientists and inventors are constantly working on projects that aim to make our lives easier, more productive and amazing; not all inventions, however, get the same level of marketing and visibility.

Some technology advances are so ingrained in our lives that we simply take them for granted, but others are not given due recognition due to the business approach taken when they are introduced to the market. Here are five great advances in technology you probably did not know about:

Lightning-Fast Wireless Broadband

The Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless communication standard was implemented in 2009, but not many people are aware just how fast it is becoming. In 2011, LTE providers began to roll out wireless broadband infrastructure capable of delivering downstream speeds of about 50 Mbps. These days, however, wireless providers are experimenting with mobile internet speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Super-Smart Cars
Can motor vehicles make better decisions than their human drivers? With technologies such as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, auto accidents may be drastically reduced and highways may become safer for all drivers. An example of effective V2V communications that can improve road safety conditions would be a vehicle warning others about icy road conditions ahead.

Electronic Paper

Although the business world is increasingly going paperless, electronic paper was once proposed as an intermediate alternative that was ultimately abandoned. Japanese researchers, however, are trying to keep this 20th century invention alive with special printers and plastic sheets of electronic paper that can be reused about 1,000 times. The problem is that the components and materials used are too expensive for the average consumer.

Dynamic Lipstick
Thermochromic devices such as mood rings from the 1970s have evolved from their original status as novelty items to cosmetics. The idea behind mood rings is that temperature changes in the human body can supposedly give clues as to emotional state of mind. A cosmetic maker in California has applied this concept to lip gloss that changes colors according to the range of emotions a woman feels. This color-changing lipstick is sold with a handy chart to help males interpret how their partners feel.

Super-Smart TVs
Watching Bell TV on Demand will soon become a far richer multimedia experience than surfing the Web. Sales of smart television sets and devices are already picking up around the world, but the next step will involve the seamless integration of streaming video services, Internet content, advanced video gaming, and extensive video libraries. The idea is to keep TV viewers glued and not lose them to the Internet, and that may happen soon.

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