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Technology has gone a long way of developing, from the radio and TV-set to new devices like Smartphone. Nowadays life demands from us to use the phone practically every minute of our life. We can’t imagine our everyday life without calling our close people. What is the difference between the usual phone and Smartphone? The telephone is static, it cannot add and delete the program. Smartphone is dynamic. Using it we can add and delete Apps, even to create our own ones. In addition you can use several Apps simultaneously, it is convenient and save user’s time. The more functions Smartphone offers you, the more you demand from your phone. Technique world is expanding at a rapid pace. To help you to understand the world of smart mobile devices we complete some interesting and cognitive facts about them.

  • 2.7. Hours a day communicating on the Smartphone is equal with 1\3 part of sleep or two lunches
  • Cost of manufacturing an iPhone is $ 187,51
  • Screen and memory are the most expensive components of a Smartphone
  • More than 1 billion Smartphones in the world, 8 million of them in Ukraine
  • In 1992 was produced the first smart phone, that was named Simon. It combines a personal digital assistant with a mobile phone.
  • 90% of apps downloaded isn’t used more than 10 times.
  • In the recent times Smartphone delivery with operating system Android increases in 50mln, while Apple only in 5 million. The operating system such as Symbian and Blackberry loses their popularity.
  • There is a dependence between the size of the device and person’s behavior. When one uses small Smartphone it makes him automatically to stoop, but using a device with a big screen allows you to be in open posture and to feel self-assurance.
  • About 98% users of smart device uses their handheld computers throughout the day
  • Smartphone for his owner is an intimate thing, so don’t surprise that during sex people hold it in their hands. They check mail or read news in social networks.
  • Smartphone provokes different diseases that connect with a partial loss of hearing
  • Scientists from the South Korea find out that using mobile devices promote digital weak-mindedness, links with incapacity to concentrate
  • iPhone users consider themselves more attractive than other people, while Blackberry owners are more businesslike and earn more money than iPhone’s. A person with Android device has better manners and drink more alcohol.
It is hard to remember how quickly the devices have gone into our life and occupies our free time and even dream. They are everywhere and our pace of life demand new technologies to make easier our life. It offers us new ways to create; through this device you are able of doing different tasks: check email, download music, operates GPS navigation, take photographs, play games and certainly, contact with people. This statistic and facts show that devices changes in the world at one time.

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