Alike DR V3: A Perfect Backup & Disaster Recovery Tool for XenServer

There were only few tools available for securing your crucial business data and capabilities to restore them when data loss circumstances strikes. Keeping your ‘business data’ secured and available in case of need, could help you analyze your major fallbacks and create strategies for better success in future. Though, any error or server failure situations could wipe them forever leaving you no traces to recover them.

Alike DR V3 from Quadric Software is packed with unique functionalities to provide fastest & easy backup solution to your data stored on servers running any latest copy of Citrix XenServer. With the release of this recent version, support for Microsoft’s Hyper-V has been introduced to give you superior level of data protection. All you have to do is to complete with software installation and configure place(s) to store data, which could be any of your local folders or any location on the shared computer over network. 

                        Alike Registration
Above screenshots shows some clear view about how easier it is to install software and unlock all its capabilities by entering the registration key (highlighted in red).

Once the software is installed, you can configure places to store data using Alike initial setup wizard.

                           Alike Configuration

Though, Please make sure twice that the target location have sufficient space to store as much data as you want. Consider using faster drives (such as SSD) or network storage to let Alike perform backup and restore jobs in just a matter of time.

Below listed are some of the unmatched features provided by this uniquely developed software:
  • Alike will works on scale on demand architecture, gives you freedom from low or running out of space server.
  • You’re free to backup or restore data from or to hypervisors anytime.
  • Alike is provided with self healing capability to provide you consecutive protections to unlimited period of time.
  • Schedule system to run backups on any specific period of time or whenever you want.
  • 128 bit of encryption is used to keep your backup copy safe and unreachable from eavesdropper.

Final Thoughts
All in all, Alike DR V 3.0 has multiple things to offer and ensure mightiest data protection and recovery capabilities. Moreover, it’s easy configuration and delusion with XenServer & Hyper-V make this software shines among its competitors available in the market at higher prices. You are free to try this software on your workstation for 30 days and once satisfied, can go for the premium plan to unblock it’s unique functionality.

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