Journey of Sony from Xperia P to Xperia z1 with features

Journey of Sony from Xperia P to Xperia z1 with features
From the time when mobile industry came into existence, Sony is trying hard to come up with some market shaking mobile phones but they could not perform well. Prior Sony worked in correlation of telecom giant Ericsson. Though team is doing lots of smart work in developing the adroit gadgets still these people were far away from the triumph of Apple Inc.

                                           SONY Xperia P             

In year 2012, Sony decided to built mobile phones of there on and the first offering done by Sony after separation from Ericsson was Xperia P. They came up with an Xperia P which was an android phone that had a decent picture quality, a better processor and a brilliant design. Apart from the features this gadget offered drawback as well and the biggest drawback was it used to get so heated only after 10 minutes of use and the heated phone was too difficult to handle till it’s again get normal. In the same year Sony launched number of other Sphones but none of them had the spark to compete with Apple. At that time Sony was even not able to compete with Nokia and Samsung. 

There was a great burden on Sony to come up with a device that can put the Samsung & Nokia at the back and to emerge as a future of the telecom industry. All the researches and developments of  team Sony went into some deep engineering until they finally produced the masterpiece which they named Sony xperia z. They showcased this device in world’s largest consumer electronic summit at Las Vegas.

It all started last year when for the first time Sony decided or should we say tried to mark a dent in the universe by introducing its most awaited flagship offering called ‘Sony Xperia Z’". It proves successful in turning heads all over the world, but due to some minor problems or deficiencies the device was not able to prove itself completely...

But now, they have decided to change everything, with new iPhone near the corner, they have prepared something to face it off and which is called to be Sony Xperia z1. Z1 is an incredible waterproof smartphone. Sony gives the Xperia z1 best of all they got under their belly and even more. The best screen technology, the fastest chipset around, a spanking new camera module that does 20.7mp stills on a sensor that’s twice as. Below is the glance of Sony Xperia z1 Features -

  • General: quad-band gsm/gprs/edge, penta-band umts/hspa, 100 mbps lte
  • Form factor: water-resistant camera phone
  • Dimensions: 144 x 74 x 8.5 mm, 170g
  • Display: 5" 16m-color 1080p (441ppi) tft capacitive touchscreen, triluminous display with x-reality and opticontrast
  • Chipset: qualcomm msm8974 snapdragon 800, quad-core 2.2 ghz krait 400, adreno 330, 2gb of ram
  • Os: android 4.2 jelly bean
  • Camera: 20.7mp camera with 1/2.3" exmor rs sensor and Sony g lens, f/2.0 aperture; 2mp front-facing camera
  • Video camera: 1080p video capture with hdr mode
  • Memory: 16 GB of inbuilt storage, microsd card slot, up to 64gb
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, standard microusb port with mhl and usb host, gps receiver with a-gps, 3.5mm audio jack, nfc
  • Battery: sealed 3,000mah battery
  • Misc: ip58 certified - dust-protected and water resistant; shatter proof and scratch-resistant glass for the front and the back panel, metal frame on the sides.

Above article is written by Tannu Garg, She is an Indian blogger who loves to blog about gadgets. She got her blogging inspiration from Follow her on Facebook.
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Interesting Facts about Smartphone

Interesting Facts about Smartphone
Technology has gone a long way of developing, from the radio and TV-set to new devices like Smartphone. Nowadays life demands from us to use the phone practically every minute of our life. We can’t imagine our everyday life without calling our close people. What is the difference between the usual phone and Smartphone? The telephone is static, it cannot add and delete the program. Smartphone is dynamic. Using it we can add and delete Apps, even to create our own ones. In addition you can use several Apps simultaneously, it is convenient and save user’s time. The more functions Smartphone offers you, the more you demand from your phone. Technique world is expanding at a rapid pace. To help you to understand the world of smart mobile devices we complete some interesting and cognitive facts about them.

  • 2.7. Hours a day communicating on the Smartphone is equal with 1\3 part of sleep or two lunches
  • Cost of manufacturing an iPhone is $ 187,51
  • Screen and memory are the most expensive components of a Smartphone
  • More than 1 billion Smartphones in the world, 8 million of them in Ukraine
  • In 1992 was produced the first smart phone, that was named Simon. It combines a personal digital assistant with a mobile phone.
  • 90% of apps downloaded isn’t used more than 10 times.
  • In the recent times Smartphone delivery with operating system Android increases in 50mln, while Apple only in 5 million. The operating system such as Symbian and Blackberry loses their popularity.
  • There is a dependence between the size of the device and person’s behavior. When one uses small Smartphone it makes him automatically to stoop, but using a device with a big screen allows you to be in open posture and to feel self-assurance.
  • About 98% users of smart device uses their handheld computers throughout the day
  • Smartphone for his owner is an intimate thing, so don’t surprise that during sex people hold it in their hands. They check mail or read news in social networks.
  • Smartphone provokes different diseases that connect with a partial loss of hearing
  • Scientists from the South Korea find out that using mobile devices promote digital weak-mindedness, links with incapacity to concentrate
  • iPhone users consider themselves more attractive than other people, while Blackberry owners are more businesslike and earn more money than iPhone’s. A person with Android device has better manners and drink more alcohol.
It is hard to remember how quickly the devices have gone into our life and occupies our free time and even dream. They are everywhere and our pace of life demand new technologies to make easier our life. It offers us new ways to create; through this device you are able of doing different tasks: check email, download music, operates GPS navigation, take photographs, play games and certainly, contact with people. This statistic and facts show that devices changes in the world at one time.

Paul Smith is a skilled writer. His main interests are technology, business and lifestyle. Paul currently works for
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The Best Navigation Apps for Android phones

The Best Navigation Apps for Android phones

Nowadays, you can see many great applications that are made for Android phones. These apps are very useful for people who want to improve the function of their smartphones. There are several recommended navigation apps for Android smartphones. People usually use these navigation apps when they are traveling around. In this article, you can see the best navigation applications for your Android phone. These apps are chosen because they have some great features and benefits for all users.

a. Google Maps for Android

If you are talking about applications on Android phone, you may be interested with this app. It is a great navigation app that is created by Google. There are many people who are happy with this application. It is a free app that you can download from the Play Store easily. This app has several great features for all users. It can offer multiple routes for you who want to avoid traffic, tools, or highways. You can also save your frequent destination in this application. This app can also display the Google Street View to take a look your destination when you arrive. This is a great feature that allows you to take a look at your final destination.

b. Waze

This is another free navigation application that you can download for your Android phone. This app is very popular because it has social features that can improve your driving experience. This social element allows all users to report any accidents, police activities, speed traps, construction areas, and many other important events in this application. It can also save your preferred routes for your journey. If you want to enjoy a great navigation app that is equipped with social features, you should download this app. You can also connect with other people easily by using this application.

c. CoPilot GPS

This app is another great navigation app that you can download for your phone. CoPilot GPS can offer free navigation tools for all users, including directions and maps. This app can also offer alternate routes for you. Therefore, you do not have to worry about finding your destination. This application can work without using a data connection. This feature is very important for people who get lost during their journey. You can take a look at the map on this application to find the right way to reach your destination. Many people are happy with this application because it can be used easily.

They are several recommended navigation apps for Android phones. There are many other great applications that are available on the market. You have to choose the best one that can guide you to reach your destination. It is recommended that you read some customer reviews that are available on the Internet. These reviews can help you find the best navigation app for your Android phone. By using these apps, you do not have to purchase separate GPS system for your car dashboard. These apps can be used wherever you are. It means that you are able to find your destination easily.

Dana Scott is young writer and a blogger who likes technology gadgets and mobile phones. Just got her new Sony Ericsson Xperia mini and started exploring all the latest mobile apps.

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Alike DR V3: A Perfect Backup & Disaster Recovery Tool for XenServer

Alike DR V3: A Perfect Backup & Disaster Recovery Tool for XenServer
There were only few tools available for securing your crucial business data and capabilities to restore them when data loss circumstances strikes. Keeping your ‘business data’ secured and available in case of need, could help you analyze your major fallbacks and create strategies for better success in future. Though, any error or server failure situations could wipe them forever leaving you no traces to recover them.

Alike DR V3 from Quadric Software is packed with unique functionalities to provide fastest & easy backup solution to your data stored on servers running any latest copy of Citrix XenServer. With the release of this recent version, support for Microsoft’s Hyper-V has been introduced to give you superior level of data protection. All you have to do is to complete with software installation and configure place(s) to store data, which could be any of your local folders or any location on the shared computer over network. 

                        Alike Registration
Above screenshots shows some clear view about how easier it is to install software and unlock all its capabilities by entering the registration key (highlighted in red).

Once the software is installed, you can configure places to store data using Alike initial setup wizard.

                           Alike Configuration

Though, Please make sure twice that the target location have sufficient space to store as much data as you want. Consider using faster drives (such as SSD) or network storage to let Alike perform backup and restore jobs in just a matter of time.

Below listed are some of the unmatched features provided by this uniquely developed software:
  • Alike will works on scale on demand architecture, gives you freedom from low or running out of space server.
  • You’re free to backup or restore data from or to hypervisors anytime.
  • Alike is provided with self healing capability to provide you consecutive protections to unlimited period of time.
  • Schedule system to run backups on any specific period of time or whenever you want.
  • 128 bit of encryption is used to keep your backup copy safe and unreachable from eavesdropper.

Final Thoughts
All in all, Alike DR V 3.0 has multiple things to offer and ensure mightiest data protection and recovery capabilities. Moreover, it’s easy configuration and delusion with XenServer & Hyper-V make this software shines among its competitors available in the market at higher prices. You are free to try this software on your workstation for 30 days and once satisfied, can go for the premium plan to unblock it’s unique functionality.
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Finding a Domain & Web Hosting is Like Finding Land & Home Building

Finding a Domain & Web Hosting is Like Finding Land & Home Building
Your domain is your street address. Typically, it's the string of characters that appear between the www and the .com. The easier it is to remember, the easier it is to find. Premium domains are the ocean-front property of domain names. They are short, easy-to-remember web addresses that contain popular keywords. For example, is listed for sale via for $9,800. Most unique domains, however, are affordable and can be registered for less than $20 per year.

                              domain and hosting

Choose Your Domain

You don’t have to go premium to get a good web address. Ideally, your domain will match your brand. Let's say you've registered your company under the name "Red Lion Consulting Associates."

A simple Internet search or a domain registration company will tell you, at no charge, if the domain is available.

Note: You cannot buy and own a domain. Domain registrations must be renewed annually, and most companies will sell auto-renew packages or five- to 10-year registrations. (An article on explores the many myths with domain names and ownership and trademarks.)

Defend Your Domain

Consider registering the .net, .me, .org, and other domains as well. suggests this for two reasons: defense and expansion. Defense protects someone else from infringing on your name. Expansion allows you to grow your business in other areas, such as charitable work.

If you register additional domains, you do not have to activate them. Or, you can create 301 redirects, which automatically forward from the .net/.org/.info to your .com.

Note: Always choose .com as your primary domain. It's the most common, and it's what most people will assume your domain ends with. Avoid hyphens (as in says there are no technical reasons to avoid dashes, but they look cheap and are difficult to convey. "My web address is red dash lion dash consulting dash associates" is a mouthful.

Register Your Domain

A quick search for shows it's available. Let's register it. Whether you choose to use it or not, it matches your brand, and you want to protect it. On the other hand, is long and difficult to read, so let's look for simpler domains. is registered to a hotel group, so we cannot use it. If and are available, register those because they are shorter and easier to read.

Note: To register your domains, search the Internet for "domain registration." Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. Register as many domains as you want. You are not obligated to build sites on them, but you will have to renew them each year.


Many first-timers are surprised to learn that not only do they have to register their domains, but they also have to pay someone to host their websites. Think of web hosting like a land lease in the real estate market. You might own the structure that you build on the site, but you don't own the land upon which you build.

According to's (WHBB) help page "What is Web Hosting?", you don't have to know HTML to build a website, and many hosts offer tools to get you started. WHBB says, yes, you can host your own website if you set up an Internet server on your computer and are able to leave it running at all times. PCs and home ISPs are not designed to host sites, so your pages will load very slowly.

Now that you've secured your address and leased your virtual property, it's time to build.
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The Best Apps for Learning a New Language

The Best Apps for Learning a New Language
Technology has made it easier than ever to learn any language one desires. In the past, costly seminars and one-on-one teaching sessions were the only possible ways to become immersed in a foreign language while still living at home. Now, with the emergence of sophisticated language learning software, anyone with a computer or mobile device has the potential to become fluent in any language. As mobile apps increase in popularity, so do apps geared toward leaning a new language. Here are some of the best mobile apps to get started with a new language:

MindSnacks (iOS) – Free
Award-winning mobile app MindSnacks provides a fun way to learn a language. Colorful games are the primary asset on MindSnacks, which offers various apps to help learn seven different languages -- in addition to apps for SAT Vocab, Geography, Kids' Vocab, and Math. It's great for all ages, so it's definitely recommended for classroom learning as well. With a 1000+ word to learn, various levels, and 40+ hours of content for each language, MindSnacks is a proven way to hone your language skills, regardless of age.

Languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese

Duolingo (iOS, Android) – Free
Duolingo may be the most well-reviewed language learning app for both Android and iPhone, and for good reason. The app’s strategy mimics very expensive programs like Rosetta Stone, in using picture association and voice repetition in addition to vocabulary learning and lesson quizzes. Many have even found the experience of Duolingo to be superior to the likes of Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. Perhaps best of all, in addition to being called the best language learning app by the Wall Street Journal and PC Magazine, Duolingo is completely free.

Languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, English

Sonico GmbH Languages (iOS) – $2.99
While there are a variety of language dictionary apps that do the job, the translation dictionary from Sonico GmbH is one of the best. Very importantly, it works without an internet connection. The app serves greater purpose to those who already have learned a language or are in the midst of learning it, but there are few apps the match the convenience and simplicity as this one for learners of new languages.

Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Busuu (iOS, Android) – Free
A common criticism of language learning software is that one can never become truly immersed in a language without interacting with native speakers. Just as you need to actually work on a car to get a feel for how to replace Mustang Axles, you need to interact using a foreign language to get a feel for it. Busuu makes it happen via your mobile device. The app has a 3000+ word vocabulary each for a dozen languages. Users learn that vocabulary, and then practice with native speakers. Busuu may not cover a language’s grammatical tendencies entirely, but for effective vocabulary learning there are few better mobile apps.

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

iStart (iOS) – $4.99
If you’re looking to learn French, Spanish, or Japanese and own an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, then you should seriously look into iStart. The app was designed by Mirai Language Systems, and applies an engaging tutor-based approach. Users will be quizzed after a particular unit, have access to a variety of audio and pictures, flash cards, and a native narrator to help hone their dialect.
Languages: French, Spanish, Japanese

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Web Hosting Consumer Tips

Web Hosting Consumer Tips


Choosing right hosting is something that an increasing number of people has to deal with, and with the number of hosting providers and types that are available, not everyone is familiar enough with the subject to be able to easily reach an informed decision. That`s why we have made a short list of some of the potential questions and dilemmas that you may face when finding a perfect host.

Choosing the Hosting Type

The first thing to do would be to decide on the type of hosting that you will go for. Depending on your budget and the exact needs of your website, required bandwidth, storage space and the amount of control that you need to have over server settings, you will have to decide between dedicated, shared or VPS hosting. There are other types, but most people will be able to find their perfect plan with one of these. 
Shared web hosting is very affordable, and basically means that your website is hosted on the same server with many other websites. It is very common that all websites on that server share the same IP. 

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a step between shared hosting and dedicated servers, and they are similar to dedicated servers because in both cases user has an administrator account so he can install and perform any software, and it means that you have multiple servers on one hardware installation. 
With dedicated servers you are the only customer who has the access to a physical server, so in short you have your own server for conducting business.

Register your Domain Name Separately

Most people who want to storm through the deciding on hosting phase usually automatically agree to also register their domain name through the same provider. While this may turn out perfectly fine, and never inconvenience you in any way, you should still at least consider registering your domain name elsewhere. This gives you a level of freedom and independence from the current host. If the provider stops operating, you won`t be in as much trouble as you would have been if you placed all your eggs in their basket. Additionally, always make sure that you own the domain name that you bought, a number of people who used unreliable agents ended up renting the name that they paid for.

Make Sure that You Know the Provider

This is, basically, to say - do your research. If a provider has a habit of treating their customers badly, you can be sure that there will be plenty of mentions of that online. After all, hosting is one of the businesses with a client base that is guaranteed to be computer literate. Naturally, you also have to keep in mind that people can be too quick to complain, so don`t just automatically dismiss a company as soon as you see the first negative review. You should also try and determine what their customer service is like, as they can be crucial for smooth operations of your site, and their willingness and ability to help can make a world of difference for you. The best way to learn just about anything you want to know about a provider is to find one that offers a trial period that is long enough for you to decide whether you want to entrust them with your website.

Do your own Backups

Even though providers are usually fairly reliable with backing up your site, you should never leave things to chance and risk having their problem turn into yours. Do regular backups of your website independently from the provider and spare yourself a potential headache in the future.

Dana Scott is a passionate blogger and a regular contributor to several blogs. Currently while writing for Crucial - Australian web hosting she is interested in exploring new internet technologies, cloud computing, VPS and online business strategies.
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4G and the Future of Mobile

4G and the Future of Mobile
The potential offered by 4G for mobile internet is significant; compared to 3G, 4G represents an increase in speed and stability for smartphone and tablet users, and is set to increase in scope and pricing over the next six months in the UK through new deals from Vodafone and O2. What benefits, then, does 4G provide for individuals and businesses, and what is the current 4G coverage map for the UK?

What is 4G?

4G represents an upgraded mobile internet standard from 3G; it uses the same basic Long Term Evolution architecture, but on a wider bandwidth level and with increased multiplexing for stronger, more reliable signals. While 3G typically provides download speeds of up to about 10 Mbps, 4G offers average speeds of between 10 and 30 Mbps, with the potential to be much faster if you’re in the right area. To this end, a 4G internet connection on your phone or tablet could be faster than your existing home broadband package.

At present, 4G is only available in the UK through Everything Everywhere (EE), formerly Orange and T Mobile. However, Vodafone are entering the 4G market at the end of August, and O2 and Three will be joining by the end of the year. Since its launch last October, EE have offered varying data limit deals and promotions for businesses, who can particularly benefit from 4G’s provision of better video-conferencing, larger file transfers, and more reliable internet on the go.

In terms of coverage areas, the UK’s largest eleven cities were the first to receive 4G last year, and included London, Birmingham, and Cardiff. Vodafone are launching their 4G coverage in London, before expanding to the rest of the country through the end of 2013 and into 2014. O2 are planning to launch their service in London, Leeds, and Bradford, while all mobile carriers are expected to gradually expand to target as many people as possible by the end of 2014 and 2015.

Package deals for 4G contracts can vary quite considerably at the moment, with caps on data usage and different package options. EE offer entry level deals with 500 MB of data and unlimited calls and texts for £21, as well as £61 a month deals with 20 GB of data. Vodafone are prepping a 4G Red deal with unlimited texts and calls, and Sky Sports and Spotify access for £26 a month to existing customers. O2 are reportedly planning a SIM only, 1 GB a month tariff for £26 a month.

The future of mobile internet is therefore one where 4G is going to be the standard within a few years. As growth from major cities into rural areas takes place, 4G is also arguably going to become a more practical and flexible options for people that have traditionally had problems getting a decent signal through their 3G contracts. Businesses can similarly benefit from cost effective 4G deals over fixed line office broadband, and especially when trying to coordinate with employees in different parts of the country.

Rosette is a tech blogger with interests in mobile internet and smartphone technology. She recommends users check for the latest 4G offers.
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Rural, Meet Technology: Advancing the Remote Home, One Step at a Time

Rural, Meet Technology: Advancing the Remote Home, One Step at a Time
Eighty percent of Americans live in urban areas, the U.S. Census Bureau reports. If you're one of them, it's probably hard to imagine that not every place has the same access to Internet infrastructure as the rest of the country. One of the major issues in rural areas is broadband penetration; Internet options are highly limited, and some locations are still stuck in the dial-up age. Advances in technology are opening up alternatives for these rural areas, so they can take advantage of faster Internet speeds as the rest of the country does.

Satellite Internet

The go-to Internet option for rural areas, other than dial-up, has been DSL or satellite. DSL works in some areas, since the phone lines are already running to all those houses. However, some companies don't feel it's profitable to expand into small areas with the rest of the necessary equipment to support a DSL connection.
Satellite Internet, on the other hand, provides coverage no matter where you are. reports the latest satellite Internet technology supports up to a 12 Mbps connection anywhere in the United States, putting it on par with other broadband options. Satellite gets a bad reputation because previous generations were nowhere near this good, leading consumers to swear off of satellite Internet before they even took a look at it. It will take time and consistent service for satellite to shed its stigma.

Wireless Networks

On the other hand, mobile data networks don't share the same stigma, and 3G data is available nearly everywhere. A growing amount of locations, even in rural areas, is also beginning to pick up new gen4 technology coverage. 4G is fast enough to compare to basic broadband Internet packages, allowing you to stream videos, download updates for your computer and not have to go into town just to get to a mobile hot spot. The only current downside is that 4G has not yet spread as far into remote locations as 3G has, but both networks offer a viable alternative to satellite-based Internet.

Rural Apps

What's the point of having a great Internet connection if you don't use it to download some of the many apps for your smartphone or tablet? If you run a profitable farm, you'll benefit by pairing up your smartphone with day-to-day farm life. Crop Life recommends Aphia Speed Scout, which helps you get rid of pesky levels of aphids on soybeans; YieldCheck, which does all of the estimation of corn yields; and iCropTrak, which gives you every utility you could need in tracking historical trends with your crops, spray management, employee management and geographic data tracking. It also does not require Internet to function, in case you have a network drop, or your fields don't have any coverage other than satellite.

The Challenges

The main challenges that face faster broadband options from penetrating rural areas is profitability and geographic issues. Populations living in the mountains have a lot of signal interference due to rock faces and other formations, making it more difficult to get 4G networks that have good signal. FIOS companies may consider laying fiber optics to remote locations, but the amount of customers they gain doesn't offset the cost. Technology development will slowly bring this type of broadband, along with government subsidies, to the area.
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