Do You Have a BYOD Policy? Why You Need Cell Phone Tracking Software

Because of the high costs of equipment and data plans, many employers are now starting to allow employees to use their own devices like cell phones, tablets and PC’s for work. The term for this concept is “BYOD”, or bring your own device. BYOD is a benefit for the employee as they no longer need to carry around a work device and personal device. It is also a benefit for the employer because they don’t have to pay for devices and data plans for every employee. It seems like a win-win situation for both parties, however, there are some risks involved as well. When managing the employee owned cell phone, it may be beneficial to utilize cell phone tracking software.

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It’s important to be able to track company owned devices and employee owned devices because your employee is conducting business with them. Many times there will be sensitive company data on these phones like email, client lists or directories. You want to make sure that the employee isn’t conducting personal business on company time. Also, if that device is lost or stolen, having access to it and being able to track it is imperative. Some cell tracking software has the ability to block mobile apps which may come in handy in that situation where a phone goes missing. If your company has an in-house mobile app that employees use to conduct business, you can block that mobile app so it secures the access to company information.

Just like IT has tracking software for PC’s it’s important to also have that same type of software for cell phones used for business. You want to make sure that you are choosing the best cell phone tracking software for your business and it has features like GPS tracking, social media monitoring, photos and video logs and website browsing monitors. This software keeps employees safe and honest. What if your employee has to conduct business in a neighborhood that isn’t safe? With GPS monitoring you can ensure that if they are missing or need help, you know where to find them.

Adding cell phone tracking software to an employee owned cell phone is a tricky proposition. Since it’s the employee’s phone, they have an expectation of privacy. On the flip side your business is being conducted on it. It’s important that you have a policy that outlines that you will be using software to track your employee on their device. The employee should sign that policy so that they understand their rights. If you are getting the employees permission, then you can’t be liable if you find something on it that causes them to be terminated. Not only do you have to worry about protecting your data, you can protect your company from lawsuits as well.

No matter whether you choose to let your employees bring their own device, or you provide them with one, installing cell phone tracking software is something that you should do. It will save you time, money and your sanity in the long run. Employees who love using their own device and are conducting business like they should, should have no problems with allowing you to install this software.

John Turner is an IT Supervisor for a small business and part time professor at a community college. He contributes his expertise at Mobile Spy, a cell phone tracking software for business or personal use that can help you track your children or employees.

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