What are the Best Photo Editing Suites for MAC OS X

Earlier the photographers who used to work on Mac systems used to feel constrained due to very limited choices available for editing the RAW files, but thanks to developments in the software industry today we have some amazing tools to take photo editing on a MAC OS X to the next level.

Check out these top 5 photo editing tools for MAC OS X and choose the best as per your requirements.
  • Aperture: This software was released directly by the team of Apple but people were not sure about how Apple would develop and support the software in future. It has been more six years since the release of Aperture and it still is one of the best choices for MAC users for processing the RAW files. There are no compatibility issues whatsoever as it is exclusive made for MAC OS X; to top it all the new version has more than 200 improvements that will easily keep this software at the top of the list when it comes to editing RAW images. It is offered for $199 but you can buy it for $80 from the Apple’s App Store.

  • PhotoStudio: This is an outstanding for photo editing software for Mac users, who are trying to learnhow to edit a photo specificallyon a Macmachine. Even the professional wedding photographers use PhotoStudio as their photo editing software for enhancing the images. The software supports editing and importing popular formats of RAW files by Nikon, Adobe, Kodak, Canon, Olympus, Sony and much more. It also supports large image and 48- bit files. The feature rich software is available for just $79.99 making it one of the most affordable high end photos editing software in the market.

  • Bibble: This is an underdog amongst the big names mentioned here, but what it offers at the editing tables helps it stand out of hundreds of other similar programs. It is compatible with OS X 10.5 and higher versions and its makers have designed it especially for high speed. If your MAC is getting slowed down by a resource intensive application, the Bibble would fit in your bill. It comes with an editor and an organizer and the software’s latest version works even with most recently released digital cameras in the market.
  • Photoshop: This is a no brainer as it is easily one of the most popular ones in this list. Both its CS and Elements editions are great for RAW picture editing. Elements did not earlier make it to the platform of OS X but things have changed now and the MAC users now get the same level of features and tools as used on PC. This also includes Adobe Camera RAW, but be prepared to shell out a few hundred dollars to get your hands on it.
  • Lightroom: This photo editor by Adobe works as great on any MAC as it does on a PC, so this one is obviously a great choice for RAW file editing. Light room was originally designed for editing RAW photos as it is primarily based on Adobe Camera RAW, which is seen in Photoshop’s full version but the software can also edit JPEG format files. It does lack few important features like layers but still has a great collection of features to make a photographer’s day.
So, try out these cool photo editing tools and let us know what worked the best for you!
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