Roll Back PC to Pre-Virus State & Restore Files Using RestoreIT 2013, Tested on Windows 8.1

Roll Back PC to Pre-Virus State & Restore Files Using RestoreIT 2013, Tested on Windows 8.1
Managing files on hard drive and make it available for a longer period of time could be a daunting task. Unattended circumstances and minor mistakes could leads to system malfunctioning along with temporary data inaccessibility or sometimes permanent data loss. There were list of tools which could provide data safety guarantee and promises to recover user important files in cases if it’s lost or infected (PC Infection case).
restoreit boxshot
RestoreIT® 2013 from FARSTONE serves as a complete data protection utility and backup/restoration software, which offers far easier way of managing your PC and fight well against virus infection circumstances. Snapshot, also known as Restore Point is used to get frequent records (take not more than 5 seconds) of any modification around the hard drive storage area without affecting system performance. All snapshots were stored in software offered protected area or so called virtual partition where storing frequent restore point of changes on hard drive is easier and doesn’t affect the system performance. 

                         restoreit main screen

The idea of restoration works quite similar as Windows restore utility does and completely roll back your PC to previous successful running state. For example, if anything goes out of control or windows behaving abnormally, you’ve the full capability to roll back or restore hard drive sectors to its previous state. The whole process will take not more than 60 seconds and any virus/malware will be also removed from the system which weren’t existed previously. This process will help user to restore files which were accidentally deleted, modified or might lost otherwise, through restoring the snapshot created previously. 

Some important features of the software that worth mentioning
Besides providing frequent snapshot creation and recovery environment, the software has some useful inbuilt utility added in the latest version of this software, RestoreIT 2013.
  • Support latest Windows operating system i.e. Windows 8 and Now finally tested on Windows 8.1. We’re tested this product on the preview version of the Windows 8.1 and it works flawlessly without lacking anywhere.
  • Automatic snapshots followed by any unique even taken occurs on the system such as program removal/installation, files added/deleted or system get infected to virus/Trojan. You could see notification at the bottom left corner of the computer screen just after the unique even happens.
  • The software keeps spy eye on the system performance and itself optimized to have minimal to no effects on system performance.
  • Supports computer based on UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Infection), a unique technology that provides protection against boot sector infections. Also supports GPT portioned disks.
  • Supports RAID environment too.

The Bottom Line: Rating 5 out of 5
The software brings some unique capability to users that is hard to find at one place at a fair cost, around $44.95 for a single license. Taking snapshot is a kind of pretty new technology and works pretty well on the latest Windows PC. Taking snapshot of your system is easier and recovering files is easier too than we thought that it would. Definitely, you can’t overlook this software if wants to find something great that become a helping hand in your bad situations.
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Eight Software for 2013 That can Increase Your Internet Speed

Eight Software for 2013 That can Increase Your Internet Speed
The demand for high speed internet in 2013 is evident. Globally more and more data is being used with every month that passes by. The strain on the internet is huge because it has now become integral to the majority of people’s everyday lives. And that’s without mentioning the government and corporation use for it either. Thankfully, this strain is something the internet can cope with.


There are lots of options available to you when it comes to getting high speed internet.   Not only this, but there are lots of different software packages available that optimize your PC’s internet speed. Let’s discover more about the best software options for increased internet speed in 2013.
1. Full Speed

Full Speed is a great software solution for faster internet. It can actually alter around 50 Windows system settings. Because it does this, it uses as many tools at your computers disposal in order to squeeze the finest out of all parameters. This ensures you reap the rewards of the best possible efficiency. This includes even the lesser known settings that many software programs do not deal with.

2. Max Internet Optimizer

This software claims to maximize your internet connection to over 400 per cent and from the positive reviews many believe that Max Internet Optimizer lives up to its claims. This helps to make everything from browsing to downloading much quicker and easier.

3. Internet Cyclone

This accelerator uses similar tactics to ‘Full Speed’ in the sense that it optimizes your Windows settings in order to ensure efficiency is obtained. The software states that it can increase internet connection speed up to 200 per cent. The great thing about this software is that it does not require updating when changes to your internet are made.

4. OSS Internet Speed Booster

This software not only helps to speed up your internet connection but it stops disconnections from occurring as well. It also has a RAM booster and this will free up physical RAM memory on your computer.

5. SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator

This software is suitable for Windows operating systems. A lot of people like this option because not only does it effectively speed up your network but it also boasts an extremely easy installation process as well.

6. Internet Speed Booster

This software contains a speed booster, a net pinger, and a ram booster as well. You can view everything view a friendly interface which allows you to optimize your settings and free up your memory.

7. Connection Booster

This software is used in order to configure any type of modem – from Cable to LAN – in order to maximize performance. It allows for faster surfing of the internet, quicker file downloads, and enhanced online gaming.

8. Internet Cell Boost

And last but not least there is the Internet Cell Boost software. This takes into account your connection type and your operating system in order to come up with the best way of boosting your transfer speed.

There are many ways you can increase your internet speed. Anyone of the eight software options mentioned in this article is recommended. Take the time to find the best solution for you personally.

Author bio – RS specializes in the area of research and development regarding internet speeds.She uses to compare data of internet speeds in areas locally and nationally.
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Create Virtual CD DVD of Your Optical Media’s Using VirtualDrive Pro From FarStone

Create Virtual CD DVD of Your Optical Media’s Using VirtualDrive Pro From FarStone
VirtualDrive Pro offers comprehensive set of features to lets you create an image of any physical disks and thereafter, allows you to burn it on the other physical disks. Whereas, a copy of disc image (Virtual CD) will be stored on the local storage drive. Besides creating or burning images, this tool also offers user to clone physical disks so as they might able to get back data when discs got corrupted, damaged or somehow lost.

VirtualDrive Pro from FARSTONE offers easy to use and simple GUI based screen where all the options will be clearly listed and give you a clear glimpse of how to perform any desired actions. As soon as you open the software (by double clicking on the desktop screen), a pop up box will open through which, you can create virtual CD/DVD or BD from physical disc. To further customize the imaging process, 'Advanced Settings' option will be listed right before the 'Start' button. Through advanced settings, you can choose protection type (to protect the created image), assign author name, set passwords for VCD (virtual CD), choose compression type etc. Once you've done with the advanced settings, click on save and then click on Start button to finally start with the creating disc image process.


Software will begin building image for any inserted optical disc. Level of compression, build data, total data and various other details are visible at the progress bar screen.

Supported File Formats (Disc Type):
VirtualDrive Pro supports range of disc types to create any virtual CD or VCD (.VCD extension). Some of the major disc types supported by the software are listed below:
  • CD-ROM
  • Blue-Ray
  • Audio CD
  • Video CD
  • Photo CD
  • UDF CD
  • Data BD
Introduction to Software Functions:
At the software home screen, you could find various options to create, burn or clone Virutal Drive. In the same locations of software menu’s, you could also find options to add, delete, 'insert' virtual CD into virtal drive, search or view files in explorer like window.

Using 'Create' option, you can:
  • Create a virtual CD from CD/DVD and Blue Ray
  • Create a virtual CD from files and folders
  • Create Virtual CD from a Project
Using 'Burn' option, you can burn image into physical discs, burn a custom disc, or burn audio/MP3/CD from a project.

Overall Performance: 5/5
The software offers pretty fast and easy ways to create virtual images of any optical drives that you won’t always want to insert and then watch movies, play games or use programs. At the cost of $ 44.95, you can avail a single license and enjoy the great features of this software.
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Review: FarStone TotalRecovery Pro 9.0

Review: FarStone TotalRecovery Pro 9.0
TotalRecovery Pro 9.0 serves as a complete data backup (Incremental too) and disk imaging solutions with network capability as you can share the backup copy or created image to networked computers or host it to FTP server. This tool provides powerful yet affordable solution to help you in taking backup of priceless data or create a complete image of hard disk or any specific partition and later, performs recovery if anything goes wrong or disaster strikes. Created backup or image copy can be transferred to an external hard drive or USB too, to perform recovery.

TotalRecovery Pro offers unique functionality of creating hard disk image of only used blocks to keep the image size at its lowest. Moreover, File compression functionality is also provided to help reduce the size of created image even further. Using this tool, you can take incremental copy of backup to save any newly modified or stored files. Whenever data corruption occurs or system failure happens, the network administrator would then be able to restore data.

                                     FarStone TotalRecovery Pro 9

The software provides special capability called Recovery Manager to boot into inaccessible Windows and performs data backup or restore damaged partitions. Using simple explorer like interface, you can performs almost every task with easy and clone any desired partitions.

The software supports all the latest version file system including FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 etc. and various hard drive attachment technologies such as IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI/RAID, GPT and more.  
What’s Included in the latest version of TotalRecovery Pro
  • You can use this tool when the current drive is full or simply, you’re planning to move out to new HDD or SSD. Just clone the entire hard drive and restore it on the new hard drive. Complete OS and all your documents will be replaced to new drive intact. 
  • Backup copy customization, incremental backup or image copy, backup copy compression etc.
  • Backup copy defragmentation.
  • UEFI, GPT, RAID support and Latest Windows OS support i.e., Windows 8

The Good
Total Recovery Pro offers unique platform for users don’t want to experience data loss circumstances either at their home or their office location. Different backup and disk imaging solutions comes with unique capability and helps users to restore data or rebuild and recover data from failed or unbootable system. 

You can backup almost any type of storage drive around your location like USB, complete hard drive, virtual machine, server etc. There is an option to backup entire drive or any selected folder using a single click using One-Click Backup wizard. There is an option to keep your spy eye on the task lists recently performed so could you easily ensure yourself that you’ve backup of recently stored or important files. 

Using Recovery Manager, you can restore or recover data on boot times, just before the operating system kernel initializes.

The Bad  
Comes with almost all the backup capability till date and not so any eye catching drawbacks that worth mentioning. 

The Verdict: Top Performer under backup and Imaging software categories.
Ratings: 9.8/10

I've found this software pretty useful and fast in taking backup or imaging or cloning the drive. At the very affordable cost, you've so much to get benefited using this software. Highly recommended.

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What are the Best Photo Editing Suites for MAC OS X

What are the Best Photo Editing Suites for MAC OS X
Earlier the photographers who used to work on Mac systems used to feel constrained due to very limited choices available for editing the RAW files, but thanks to developments in the software industry today we have some amazing tools to take photo editing on a MAC OS X to the next level.

Check out these top 5 photo editing tools for MAC OS X and choose the best as per your requirements.
  • Aperture: This software was released directly by the team of Apple but people were not sure about how Apple would develop and support the software in future. It has been more six years since the release of Aperture and it still is one of the best choices for MAC users for processing the RAW files. There are no compatibility issues whatsoever as it is exclusive made for MAC OS X; to top it all the new version has more than 200 improvements that will easily keep this software at the top of the list when it comes to editing RAW images. It is offered for $199 but you can buy it for $80 from the Apple’s App Store.

  • PhotoStudio: This is an outstanding for photo editing software for Mac users, who are trying to learnhow to edit a photo specificallyon a Macmachine. Even the professional wedding photographers use PhotoStudio as their photo editing software for enhancing the images. The software supports editing and importing popular formats of RAW files by Nikon, Adobe, Kodak, Canon, Olympus, Sony and much more. It also supports large image and 48- bit files. The feature rich software is available for just $79.99 making it one of the most affordable high end photos editing software in the market.

  • Bibble: This is an underdog amongst the big names mentioned here, but what it offers at the editing tables helps it stand out of hundreds of other similar programs. It is compatible with OS X 10.5 and higher versions and its makers have designed it especially for high speed. If your MAC is getting slowed down by a resource intensive application, the Bibble would fit in your bill. It comes with an editor and an organizer and the software’s latest version works even with most recently released digital cameras in the market.
  • Photoshop: This is a no brainer as it is easily one of the most popular ones in this list. Both its CS and Elements editions are great for RAW picture editing. Elements did not earlier make it to the platform of OS X but things have changed now and the MAC users now get the same level of features and tools as used on PC. This also includes Adobe Camera RAW, but be prepared to shell out a few hundred dollars to get your hands on it.
  • Lightroom: This photo editor by Adobe works as great on any MAC as it does on a PC, so this one is obviously a great choice for RAW file editing. Light room was originally designed for editing RAW photos as it is primarily based on Adobe Camera RAW, which is seen in Photoshop’s full version but the software can also edit JPEG format files. It does lack few important features like layers but still has a great collection of features to make a photographer’s day.
So, try out these cool photo editing tools and let us know what worked the best for you!
Author Bio 
Jack Parrish is a Mac app developer, who often writes articles on mobile apps, changes in smartphones industry, new launches and new mobile app reviews.
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Do You Have a BYOD Policy? Why You Need Cell Phone Tracking Software

Do You Have a BYOD Policy? Why You Need Cell Phone Tracking Software
Because of the high costs of equipment and data plans, many employers are now starting to allow employees to use their own devices like cell phones, tablets and PC’s for work. The term for this concept is “BYOD”, or bring your own device. BYOD is a benefit for the employee as they no longer need to carry around a work device and personal device. It is also a benefit for the employer because they don’t have to pay for devices and data plans for every employee. It seems like a win-win situation for both parties, however, there are some risks involved as well. When managing the employee owned cell phone, it may be beneficial to utilize cell phone tracking software.

                                                      mobile trackig tools

It’s important to be able to track company owned devices and employee owned devices because your employee is conducting business with them. Many times there will be sensitive company data on these phones like email, client lists or directories. You want to make sure that the employee isn’t conducting personal business on company time. Also, if that device is lost or stolen, having access to it and being able to track it is imperative. Some cell tracking software has the ability to block mobile apps which may come in handy in that situation where a phone goes missing. If your company has an in-house mobile app that employees use to conduct business, you can block that mobile app so it secures the access to company information.

Just like IT has tracking software for PC’s it’s important to also have that same type of software for cell phones used for business. You want to make sure that you are choosing the best cell phone tracking software for your business and it has features like GPS tracking, social media monitoring, photos and video logs and website browsing monitors. This software keeps employees safe and honest. What if your employee has to conduct business in a neighborhood that isn’t safe? With GPS monitoring you can ensure that if they are missing or need help, you know where to find them.

Adding cell phone tracking software to an employee owned cell phone is a tricky proposition. Since it’s the employee’s phone, they have an expectation of privacy. On the flip side your business is being conducted on it. It’s important that you have a policy that outlines that you will be using software to track your employee on their device. The employee should sign that policy so that they understand their rights. If you are getting the employees permission, then you can’t be liable if you find something on it that causes them to be terminated. Not only do you have to worry about protecting your data, you can protect your company from lawsuits as well.

No matter whether you choose to let your employees bring their own device, or you provide them with one, installing cell phone tracking software is something that you should do. It will save you time, money and your sanity in the long run. Employees who love using their own device and are conducting business like they should, should have no problems with allowing you to install this software.

John Turner is an IT Supervisor for a small business and part time professor at a community college. He contributes his expertise at Mobile Spy, a cell phone tracking software for business or personal use that can help you track your children or employees.
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