WalkMe.com Review: Your Online Step By Step Guide for Customer Service

Guidance is necessary in every step of your life especially when you’re doing things over the web, such as requesting online assistance or doing anything else that requires certain steps to be followed in known manner. Without proper guidance or a tutorial, you’re challenged to do things correctly and may face a higher probability of unsuccessful or failed attempts.

To make your web experience smooth and trouble free, an online web service exists called WalkMe that provides a detailed and step-by-step guide to accomplishing online goals or tasks, regardless how much it is difficult or complex, or how crucial the challenges are. WalkMe serves as an online step-by-step guidance service targeted to business owners, handling their various sorts of online business needs like online support, employee training, onboarding SaaS, or friendly UX.
      WalkMe Step By Step Guide

How It Works?
This online tool works as a java script code that is placed in your website head tag, providing dynamic functionality to your web pages such as adding tip balloons, text, numbers etc. over the screen.

All you need is any latest version of Firefox browser (add-on is created only for Firefox, sorry) however visitors from almost any browsers can see the WalkMe balloons and step by step guide.

Later then, download and open the said tool editor on the Firefox window and sign in using registered username and passwords.
                                 WalkMe Setup
Open the desired website that you want to create Walk-Thrus for, customize it as per your business process needs and paste the generated snippet on the HTML page. Publish it and now your website is ready to provide Walk-Thrus to your website users. For detailed guide, you can refer to WalkMe implementation training resource.

WalkMe for Online Support Businesses?

WalkMe plays a crucial role in the field of online support businesses where a bunch of queries or support requests come in on a daily basis. This online guidance service will create a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guide through which your website visitors can have clear view about what to do, how to do it right and accomplish any desired goals.

Once the WalkMe code is placed on your website, you have the capability to create interactive bubbles or balloon type icons and place it where necessary. This will help customers to easily see or find what they want as well as step by step guide to accomplish that goal.

Benefits of WalkMe for online support business include:
  • Customers or website visitor will know exactly about the steps need to perform particular tasks
  • There are few incoming support requests which results in a reduced workload for handling customer queries or online complaints and thus lowering your overall expanses.
  • Complex free environment to lower service costs.
  • Build your business trust
  • Customers won’t have to have background knowledge. For example, they just landed on your website or online application and find all the instructions needed to achieve their desired tasks.
  • Easy to implement in almost any kind of complex support environment.
The Verdict
WalkMe provides a well-structured online step-by-step tutorial for varying needs of your business. You can request a demo of WalkMe and test it in live environment. Once satisfied, can choose any of the packages available as per your convenience.

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June 21, 2013 at 12:08 AM

With the free plan of walk through, I think that 3 walk thrus are not enough. But however its better for those companies who have very small business website..