The Big News from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

What Apple unveils at it Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is always the topic of much speculation because it has ramifications for the rest of the tech world. Apple fans and people who experience tech-lust eagerly await the announcements for new hardware and software that come out of the annual WWDC. Since 2008, the conference has sold out completely, and this year’s sold out faster than ever. WWDC is much anticipated among developers because they get the opportunity to do hands-on tests with the latest Apple tech. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference was held from June 10 to 14 this year. So, just what came out of this year’s conference? Read on to find out.


  • Mac Pro: Although the current iteration of the Mac Pro came out just last year, it has been a while since Mac’s power users have seen something truly revolutionary. The new Mac Pro is a computer that looks like it’s from the future; its hardware is pretty futuristic too. The Mac Pro is built in a cylindrical shape, totally re-envisioning the traditional cooling system. It has PCI-express flash storage and new-generation Xeon processors. It also features DDR3 RAM with a bandwidth of 60 GB/s, twice as fast as the memory in the current generation of Mac Pros. Its 6 GB of dedicated VRAM ensure that graphics will be moving as fast as ever.
  • iOS7: This is the update that will impact this most people, thanks to the ubiquity of iPhones. Announced during the keynote speech, iOS7 has a number of features that are sure to make the lives of iPhone users much simpler. Its Control Center provides ready access to critical features like the Wi-Fi and brightness settings. Notification Center is introducing “dismiss once, dismiss everywhere,” which lets notifications (and their dismissal) sync between multiple devices. Among other features, Siri has received an update. It is now possible to select a male or female voice and Siri has a more natural speech pattern.
  • iTunes Radio: Announced in conjunction with iOS7, iTunes radio is the next step in the evolution of iTunes. iTunes radio takes a cue from services like Spotify and Pandora, allowing users to stream music for free and curate their own stations. This is significant because the original iTunes revolutionized how people purchase, discover, and consume music. The new iTunes Radio may do the same for streaming music services.
  • iWork for iCloud: File under “cloud-related trends,” the new iWork update brings Apple’s productivity suite to the cloud. This is essentially Apple’s answer to Google Docs, but it does show a move by Apple to take advantage of contemporary web technologies—like streaming and the cloud—to improve upon existing products. iWork for iCloud lets users seamlessly create and sync documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • MacBook Air: The new MacBook makes this line of products better than ever. The MacBook air boasts all-day battery life as well as a new ultra-thin, ultra-light design. The longer lasting battery life is due to Intel’s “Haswell” CPU, which uses less power. The MacBook Air comes in 11-inch and 13-inch models. It starts at $999.
  • Mac OS X Mavericks: Finally out of feline species, Apple has decided to name its next round of operating systems after places in California. The new OS X Mavericks is named for a surfing destination famous for huge waves. The new operating system promises to deliver more power and better performance. The demos showcased smooth scrolling, tabbed finder windows, and file tagging. OS X Mavericks also includes a faster version of the Safari Web browser.
Although the Developer’s Conference is over, the life cycles of these new products are just beginning. These products promise to bring Apple in step with contemporary web technologies as well as offer some classic Apple-style innovation.
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