Sparking Converstation on Your Website: Installing Live Chat

chatwing softwareHaving a direct connection to customers through your business Web site in today's digital world enhances your company’s online experience for current and potential customers. The ability of a visitor to the site to be able to chat live with a person who works for the company is often a critical element for customer service in an e commerce experience, as it bridges that divide between a physical location with employees and a convenient and efficient online experience.

Live Chat

Beyond answering questions about products or services, the live chat feature also allows the business to interface with their customers directly. This adds to the overall experience of working with the company, according to informly. Any opportunity for a company to be helpful to people who might buy their products or give them money for their services is good. Customers love live chat because it helps improve the relationship between the business and customer. It reduces overall costs, as well as most notably in email questions to the business. This saves the company time and money answering all those questions, when a dedicated chat specialist could be doing it throughout the day.

Customer Service

This also plays greatly into customer service, as people won’t have to sit on the phone and wait to get a simple question answered. According to a study by BoldChat, the average live chat visitor gets their question answered immediately, saving everyone a tremendous amount of time and stress. The only customers who become disillusioned with a company they have purchased something from or are working with on a regular basis are those who don’t use the live chat or have a problem that is so daunting, it can’t be solved via that form of communication. But since companies that have the live chat feature on their sites have freed up phone lines, live chat makes it easier to get a customer service representative on the phone.

Set Up

Live chat is easy to set up. There are a number of convenient and cost-effective live chat tools that can be installed on a company’s Web site. is a favorite of small businesses, according to, since it gives employees the ability to see what people on those sites are looking at and engage in conversations with them.

SnapEngage is a live chat application that is also useful for small businesses, since it allows customers to ask questions by chatting on mobile devices.

LivePerson is a live chat service that has both marketing abilities and customer service features all in one, an ideal option for companies looking to integrate marketing efforts in their chat tool.

Besides pop-up boxes, adding chat to your Web site could include creating a whole new landing page dedicated to a chatroom to discuss your products or blogs, such as Chatwing. A live chat feature on a business Web site is almost as important as having a shopping cart or contact information, as it improves your customers' entire experiences and saves the company time answering questions in the future. While it’s an added overhead cost to the business itself, with implementation that includes proper training and relationship-building skills, return on investment is high.

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June 20, 2013 at 7:12 AM

Chatwing is the best script which I have also used in my blog to have chat with my clients and visitors.

June 20, 2013 at 7:14 AM

I think there are a lot of PHP scrips which can be embedded in websites specially with Wordpress or any other business/portfolio website.

July 12, 2013 at 6:31 AM

Thanks for this have mentioned most important point about live chat software features. Whereby website holder can get connect instantly and easily assist them.