Unerase Lost Data or Formatted Partitions Using Hetman Partition Recovery

Loosing data from your computer would be the most tragic moment, you’ve ever face. Recovering data from various data loss situations is a daunting task and time consuming process. Moreover, sometime Windows runs into problem and the partition, full of your precious files were become inaccessible or damaged.

Luckily, there are few powerful recovery programs available that can successfully address various data loss circumstances. These recovery programs were specially created to carefully recover partitions or the stored data without modifying or damaging its quality.

Hetman partition recovery is among one of them, highly recommended in cases if you've lost your important partition (s) or permanently deleted (shift + delete) the hard drive data. This tool provides explorer based DIY (do-it-yourself) interface to perform flawless recovery operation on any Windows based PC.

Hetman tool also comes with set of powerful disk repairing utility to rebuild or repair damaged partitions, fix file system errors and make your inaccessible hard drive to work again.  It supports list of storage devices including internal or external hard drive, removable media, flash chip based storage devices such as memory card or SD card and much more. You can install this tool to perform smoothest recovery on latest Windows operating system like Win8, Win7, Vista, WinXP etc. for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.

The software efficiently salvage data from the various file systems including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS 3,4,5 and 6. Moreover, encrypted or compressed version of NTFS system data can also be easily recovered. Later then, you can save the recovered files to an FTP server or burn it into CD DVD or save it to any external storage device location.

Download and install Hetman partition recovery on any latest Windows PC exactly in the way, you install any other Windows programs. This will roughly take not more than 2 minutes. Once the program is successfully installed, double click on the icon created at the desktop screen and navigate to All Programs menu and find the executable file to start this program.         
hetman partition recovery

At the very first screen, you could see explorer like drives hierarchy where all the currently attached storage devices were listed, either internal or external. Choose the desired drive containing your lost or deleted files.
drives list hetman partition recovery

Choose fast scan option of this software instead of Full Analysis to restore recently deleted files from the problem volume. Full analysis will perform thorough check to unerase data from the local partitions or attached removable media. It's a more time taking process than the previous method but suitable for effective and bit by bit scanning of the problem media.

P.S. To recover lost or damaged partitions, choose the physical disks located at the left side of the software interface and perform full scan.

Once the scanning process is completed, you could explore the contents of the targeted drive as usual and preview it to ensure that this is the file you're looking for. Click on the Recovery button located at the top interface of the software. Choose desired location to save the recovered files that is local hard disk, Burn it to CD or DVD, create a virtual iso image or upload it to FTP server.  Remember to enter the registration name and key that you'll be asked to enter before actually saving files to.

Note: The software offers content aware analysis under full scan method to perform selective file recovery i.e., choose file types for recovery such as documents, images, videos etc. Content aware analysis will keep track of all your specific group files and list them in particular folders. You're also allowed to stop the scan at mid, if desired files were found.


The Good
The software offers pretty different module and functionalities as compare to other recovery programs.

The Bad
Not Free. Saving is disabled in the demo version. To actually recover files, you need to register it which requires standard payment of $139.95.

Final Thoughts
Hetman Partition recovery shouldn't be overlooked if you really want to recover your precious files. You'll have multiples scanning method to ensure that nothing were missed or overlooked during scanning procedure. Unlike other recover programs, you could stop scanning at mid if the desired deleted files were found. Just recover files from the real time scanned files list instead of waiting for hours till software scanning process is completed.

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