Active @ Password Changer V 5.0 to Reset Administrator or Local User Passwords on Windows

Ever lost access to your system due to forgetting administrator passwords or logon is disabled in your system somehow? Simply reinstalling Windows might be the easiest solution available however involves risk of losing your data permanently. You’ll feel good to know that there are few alternatives available that could help you to reset administrator or local user passwords without installing Windows and altering your precious files.

Active @ Password Changer from LSoft Technologies Inc. is a powerful password recovery tool for Windows that can successfully reset passwords in a simple and easy way. It also helps user in troubleshooting locked Windows OS due to security restrictions like ‘Account is disabled’, ‘Account is locked out’ or ‘Account is blocked’. The Software supports all the latest Windows OS i.e., Windows 8/ Windows 7 / Vista / XP etc. and the file system FAT16 / FAT32 / exFAT / NTFS / NTFS5

Note: This tool will not recover your previously set password; instead it’ll delete all the currently stored passwords and resets it so could you access your locked or inaccessible system.

The software comes in a simple executable file and requires you to follow simple steps to get it installed on your PC. Remember, you’ll need to remove the hard drive containing locked OS, connect it externally to another PC and install the application there. Alternatively, Active password changer also comes with MS DOS functionality to reset passwords without logging on to Windows.

The software constitutes simple GUI and wizard based method to make your password recovery process a lot easier.  The software needs to find the Microsoft security accounts manager database (SAM), a database file where information about the local users, their rights and passwords is stored. It may possible that several SAM databases were found where you need to find the exact one.

active password changer home screen

After selecting a disk partition, you could see the existing user accounts listed in a specific color icon.

SAM user accounts database

You can choose any specific accounts with lost password or with disabled functionality and click Next to proceed to reset it. You can also choose to disable account, lock it or prevent certain users to log in at certain hours of certain days.

The Good
Active Password Changer is pretty simple utility to reset password, in case you forget or lose it. The software also support WinPE environment to reset password on system with only single user. You’ll be facilitated with all the image files, bootable USB or CD creator to make the password recovery process easier.

The Bad
You should have good understanding about SAM to know exactly how password resetting will done on system with multiple user.

Final Thoughts
Active @ Password Changer is only one of its kinds that provide easier way to reset Windows passwords without installing a fresh copy of Windows. The software costs you around $49.95 which is quite competitive and worth having.

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