What Does the Creative Cloud Mean to You?

Adobe's big move to get rid of the boxed version of Creative Suite and move to the Creative Cloud shocked many consumers. The new subscription will be available beginning June 7, according to PC Mag.

What is Abode's Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud takes the traditional box of Adobe products and makes the latest updates and new features available throughout the year instead of just once yearly. They achieve this by taking the products out of the box, so to speak, and allowing users to subscribe to a software-based model (also known as the Creative Cloud). You don't have to download anything. The program will automatically update when you log on if there is new material available.

In addition to constantly updating apps, one of the best features about the new cloud-based products is being able to access your tools from any PC or device with just your password. Similarly, your projects will be stored in the cloud so you can access them from wherever you happen to be. Just as, your email and disk storage are offsite with MyHosting.com VPS hosting, your new Adobe products will be stored remotely, as well.

There are 20 new features only available on the Creative Cloud, including the “Camera Shake Reduction Tool” in Photoshop. This magical program can turn your images into masterpieces. Another new feature includes new fonts and an iPhone app for Adobe Illustrator and Muse. What's more: unlike the traditional version, the Creative Cloud allows for community involvement via Behance, the Adobe social media site that's built into all the new products. With Behance, members are able to ask questions, make suggestions and share projects or components of projects, all using real time. It also allows more than one person to work on a project at the same time.

What Does All This Cost

Creative Cloud is priced at $49.99 monthly. However, current customers with versions C3 or higher pay only $29.99 monthly for the first year. This replaces the pricey once-a-year update, the last of which (CS6, released in 2012) was priced at $449.99. For the first year, current users will actually be paying less for the cloud version.

The Box Still Exists

Although the old "cereal box" version of Adobe Creative Suite is no longer available via the Adobe website as of May 6, 2013, you can still find it on eBay, Amazon and some computer stores with existing inventory.

The Bottom Line

Adobe's decision shouldn't come as a surprise, considering recent moves, like Behance, the inception of a cloud subscription option and Adobe wanting to support transmedia activities. While we'll never see a CS7, Adobe's move is a good thing, according to Gizmodo.com. It will keep users equipped with the latest technology as well as thwart those who would rather pirate a software package than purchase it. Forbes calls the Creative Cloud an innovative and landmark move in the software industry.

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