Many people agree that the Xbox one could have had better reception. The fact however is that the console business is getting tighter even with the re4lease of the PS4. The idea behind the console was having one machine that dominates all your TV external device needs right form network gaming to playing the next generation games. The console is a movie player, Skype video caller, live TV and music player. This was received by many critics and praises from the gaming fraternity with various views. This is what you may call your entertainment in a box. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 already had enough multifunctional features. We all knew that this was to happen at some point anyway. PS and Xbox had planned on it. This was just a matter of time with consoles able to out date DVD players, decoders, internet routers and many other gadgets in the home. This may have the advantage of clearing up the space under the TV the question however is how does it perform with all these functions?


There is no much difference for the gamers as many reviews go, but this is a giant step for the TV users. This was a move in the bid to combine a gamers needs as they play away from the phone and the computer. A good attempt though. The affordability of Wii U, the PS4, Nintendo, Tablets and the Smartphone is a cost many may not be able to meet. This was perhaps the reason why this was put in one box to make the purchase easier. Xbox one comes with a Wii motion plus controller, a Nintendo ds charger and many other components which make it clear that the machine is a combination of many techs that one would otherwise have bought separately.

The disappointment registered by the gamers about the Xbox may not be fully warranted. Microsoft has also stated that their next production was about gaming and services. Seemingly that they kept their word, gamers can only wait upon the E3 gaming promise. Microsoft promises to produce a machine that is all about gaming ad nothing else but gaming for the fans. The size of the machine was not expected too. It is bulky but could be explained by the functionality it carries. It is a good thing that it does what all the gadgets under the TV should do.

The excitement is however far from over for the Xbox one. With the features providing an easy time for the TV viewers, others are not so impressed. The reason for this is that TV is going down the live TV lane either way. This means that this should not have been the main focus of the company as live TV is already a component in the current TV designs; channels like Netflix and Hulu being some of the main features.

The console however has provided a new feature in the home where everyone can a have apiece of it. This may be curse in disguise where the multiple uses will create a major divide n the home. It is however still too early to write off the functionality in the home.
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