Product Review: Boost Your PC Performance Using PC Booster

Slow performance can ruin your PC charms and might hamper your everyday productivity. Achieving normal or satisfactory PC performance is always crucial for users and businesses where tasks get hampered by wired PC performance. Amazingly, there are software’s that could help you in boosting PC performance up to the mark that is eager to achieve for PC users. PC Booster from Energizertech Ltd. is one of them which greatly helps PC user in having higher computer age, cleaned PC, improved stability and outstanding performance.

PC Booster is pretty perfect in cleaning unnecessary junk files, effectively managing system resources or anything else that could sluggish the performance of your PC. PC Booster will also helps PC users in achieving the following:
  1. Maintaining system resources for faster and better gaming experience.
  2. Effectively managing background running programs and make sure that they weren’t using high system resources.
  3. Clear RAM memory so that system can use the free space for increasing overall PC Performance.
  4. Clearing rarely used system or junk files that heavily using system resources and often makes your PC slow.
Three Steps to Clean Your PC & Make It Super Fast: Start, Scan & Repair
Once you successfully downloaded the software and installed it on your PC, run it from the desktop. The software supports all the latest version of Windows i.e. Win 8, Win 7/Vista/XP etc. I’m currently using it on my Windows 8 Samsung Laptop.


You’ll see a blue button at the middle of the software home screen window entitled Start Smart Scan. Click on it and software will begin analyzing your PC for system registries and Integrity, disk performance issues, junk files, privacy traces, system tweaks etc.


The software is pretty fast in efficiently scanning your whole computer and soon come up with the scanned results like the number of errors the software has found as well as any unnecessary item to clean your PC. 


From the above screen, you’ll get a clear idea about how efficiently the software can found any or all registry related errors or disk performance issues that contributes heavily towards slow PC performance. To fix all the issues at once, you need to click on green button entitled Repair Now, located at the lower right corner.


Once you clicked on the repair now button, the software will begin repairing errors and clean junk files within a minute or two. The best thing is, the software will first create a system restore point to let you restore everything back to its previous state just in case if anything goes wrong.

The Verdict: 4.8 Out of 5
The software is all in one utility to fix/repair all your Windows related errors and optimize for better and faster performance. It’ll also help you in using your PC flawlessly and makes PC work like a charm. You could download and test demo version of this software yourself and once satisfied, can go for buy now option which costs you around $ 35 USD which is quite interesting as you’re getting more than enough PC utility to make your PC life healthier and longer.

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