Product Review Permanently Wipes Off Your Hard Drive Data Using Active @ Kill Disk

Data stored around your hard drive or other storage devices plays crucial role in its accessibility whenever needed. However, it may turns into a nightmare when falls into wrong hands as theft can steal your confidential data such as banking passwords, social media accounts etc. Securely erasing the entire content of your hard disk before disposing it or giving it to someone else is vital and ensures safety.


Luckily, there are bunch of tools available to permanently erase files from your hard drive and make sure that not any data recovery programs would able to recover it. Active @ Kill Disk from LSoft Technologies Inc. allows you to easily and effectively destroy all the stored content from almost any type of storage device including hard disk drive, USB, flash drive, solid state drive (SSD) etc.

  1. Erase data from severely corrupted or damaged hard drive even after CHKDSK utility fails to check integrity of such disks.
  2. Create bootable disks either CD DVD or USB to boot into Windows environment and wipes all your crucial data on the disks.
  3. Easy to use, fast and efficient in completely wiping files even from much higher capacities hard drive.
  4. Email notifications with log files attached.
  5. New Lightweight installer, minor UI & kernel improvements and much more.
Active@ Kill disk conforms to NIST and US DoD standards for sanitizing hard drive and other types of mass storing media which excludes any possibilities of recovering files by using professional and recommended recovery software.
The current running version is Active @ Kill Disk 7.1 has many advantages over 4.1 (DOS) especially in professional package like bootable disk creator, support for plug  n play devices, emailing reports etc. The software is available both in Windows + DOS Version as well as compact DOS version. Professional version of this software costs you around $ 50 USD which allows you to boot into DOS and Windows executables, create universal bootable disk etc.

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