Solve Data Loss Problems Using Boomerang Data Recovery for Windows & Mac

Boomerang Data Recovery 2.1.4 is designed to rescue your important files from list of storage devices including hard drives, USB, Flash Drives, RAID configured hard drives, iPods, memory cards etc.  Whether youve deleted files (Shift + Delete) or accidentally formatted/deleted the entire partition, this software will scour the device and locate all the files that can be recovered. 

The software offers neat and tidy ways which can be followed by users with little to advance computer knowledge. Simple GUI based screen will tells you everything you need to know about recovering data safely. The software is separately available for Windows & Mac both platform and allows recovery from various file systems including FAT, NTFS, HFS & HFS +.


Just faced data loss situations and desperately wants to get your data back, download this software immediately from boomerang official website and install it on your system, either Windows or Mac. Most recent version of this software supports recovery on latest operating system like Windows 8 from Microsoft or OS X 10.8 from Apple Inc. 

Note: Avoid installing the software on problem drive i.e. the drive containing deleted data as it will overwrites the deleted data and you will not be able to restore them ever. Instead, using another system for installing software and performing data recovery is always recommended.

Once the software is successfully installed on the system, start it from the desktop or from Start > All Programs > Boomerang Data recovery.  Software’s home screen contain list of drives currently attached to your PC, either internal or external with an option at the right side to recover deleted, lost or formatted files entitled Recover It!


Simply choose the partition or the whole hard drive you want to recover files from and click on recovery button. If the desired drive is not listed or missing, select the hard drive instead of any specific partition and click on recover it button to search for missing or deleted partition. The next screen will pops out to choose the type of scan you want to perform i.e., Legacy for precise scan results, may takes time little longer than usual or Standard for faster/satisfactory results. However, if you’re unsure about which option to go with, choose Default

The software also has the option to customize scan by choosing specific file types like pictures, audio and video, emails, documents, unsorted etc. as well as by defining maximum file size to scan and recover. Just check mark the box in front of file types folder, select maximum file size and click on Start Search.  

The software will begin searching for files & folders or for partitions and soon gives you list of recoverable files or partition to restore. Select any or all the files you want to recover and click on continue button. 

Recovering Data from RAID Drives
Boomerang has fast and reliable way to efficiently reconstruct RAID arrays and recover data even if you don’t remember the RAID parameters.


It’s all up to you to either manually fill the RAID parameters or let the software automatically found it for you and start recovery. Remember, if you choose to fill parameters and wrong information were provided, might leads to failed or unsuccessful recovery.


Simple recovery steps and faster scanning engine makes this software stands ahead from the competition. Option to add file types / categorize scan were just great and highly reliable for maximum possible recovery.

Final Thoughts: 8.6/10
At just $ 99.95, Boomerang data recovery is just perfect software to address almost any instances of data loss from different storage devices as well as RAID configured hard drives. Whereas, other companies is charging just double the price for utilities with such recovery capabilities.   Technical support via phone is currently not supported by Boomerang,. However, you can still able to sort most of your problems using great set of KB articles provided by Boomerang.

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