Apple’s iWatch Vs Microsoft’s Smart Watch

Who doesn’t like connected devices? Most people are addicted to their connected devices, however with too many brands of smartphones and tablets flooding the markets, people are slowly losing interest in these devices. This could be because they feel that there no charm in these devices any more.  People are looking out for the next great innovation from Apple and other companies and won’t be disappointed either. Strong rumors point to a plain wristwatch, which is actually an iWatch, and that is something everyone is probably watching out for.

The Smartwatch comes with a slot for the SIM that can connect your watch to 2, 3, and 4G networks and you can make calls, send text messages and browse the Internet. You can make video calls and even download apps if you wish. The wearable computer, as it is referred to already, may be Wi-Fi ready, hence helping you save on your data plans. Sources claim that there will be three distinct highlights, like the platform compatible for computing (SPOT), Wi-Fi or wireless through MSN Direct, and will be connected to the FM radio network of Microsoft, the DirectBand.

Not to be outdone, iWatch from Apple too has had its share of rumors that have been spreading in the markets. In spite of the secrecy in which the project has been cloaked, it is believed to come in a curved form with a 1.5-inch display screen, probably corning glass or the flexible Willow Glass, which could give the iWatch the flexibility to fit perfectly in your wrist. The wearable computer will certainly be Bluetooth enabled in order to help it sync and communicate with the other iDevices like the iPhone and iPad. In all probability, NFC will feature too helping bring connectivity and easy payment options to all users.

The Smartwatch will be easy to activate and as the registration process will be simplified to a great extent. All you would need would be a credit card for making payments and a good Internet connection that will enable you to log in and customize as per requirements. The watch will not need a battery as it can be charged through a USB charger that can be used through your PC. MSN Direct wireless service helps deliver personalized information through the FM network, and the watches will be able use the atomic clock of MSN Direct and the time will be set automatically once the watch is activated. You will also have access to weather reports, calendar, stock market news, sports updates and many more.

The iWatch will probably come with a complete operating system fitted within the tiny frame of the watch. You will probably have access to the specialties of iOS like Apple Maps, iCloud, the personal assistant Siri, iMessage etc. The watch will probably be shock-proof (considering the price you are going to pay) and also water-proof, in case you wish to take a dip wearing the watch, or even walk into the shower with the iWatch on your wrist. However, both watches are bound to face some issues when people find it difficult to use such tiny devices that come with such great capabilities.

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