Active @ Disk Image Professional for Windows

Keeping your sensitive data secured and available is always challenging but can be easily achieved using right software’s. Active @ Disk Image Professional from LSoft Technologies Inc. for Windows can make an exact replica of entire hard drive or any selected region (partitions) around your hard drive. Whatever the file types or volume label (either NTFS or FAT), this software can easily create new or incremental backup copies to have all your latest files available for recovery in case of full system failure, disaster strikes, power surges etc. This software also lets you create image of different types of storage devices including Flash Drive, USB, External hard drive etc.

                                active @ disk image

The software comes with many basic yet advanced and useful utilities for easy backup and recovery. Useful options like ‘Disk to Image’, ‘image to disk’, ‘create raw image’ etc.  is used to create image of any hard drive that suppose to fail or going to as well as let you successfully restore data from the created image copy. Full details about useful Active @ Disk Image professional software can be found below:

Disk to Image: As the name suggest, this option lets you create an image of entire or any selected area around your hard drive. Double click on the Disk to Image option and create a disk image wizard will open with options to create full, incremental and differential backup. Select backup method of your choice and click next.

                               create image wizard

Next screen will contains a list of attached disks, choose any of the listed volume or storage device and click next.

                               disk to image wizard

Further steps require basic knowledge to go through and finally create an image copy.

Image to Disk: Restore data from the already created image using this wizard based recovery method. Just browse the image file located around the hard drive and follow the simple on screen steps.

Explore Image: This lets you explore archived image copy for restoring any specific files and folders. This can greatly reduce your effort and time as instead of restoring full image files, you only to have to restore desired files.

The software has other useful features to create image of various types, clone drive or verify image for its integrity etc. You’ll have full control over seeing log files to found the created images on any particular system along with its status.

The software performs pretty well on list type so hard drive flawlessly and gives pleasant experience of creating images and safely restoring data from the same. The software supports all the latest Windows OS and file formats. At the cost of $ 39 USD, you’ll get many professional utilities that helps user in the event of crash, system failure and data inaccessibility.

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