Top 5 Alternatives of Google Reader You Should Try Now

With Google pushing because of with its programs to shutdown the famous Google Reader RSSfeed service on 01 July 2013, its faithful users have been stuffing to get the next greatest RSS service where they are able to take refuge.

Apart from the truth that an extensive and dedicated user base will get impact once this happens, it’s also commonly recognized that a variety of relevant solutions depend on Google Reader’s API. Therefore, the stopping of Google Reader also indicates auto death to their services whenever they do not find workarounds.


Fortunately, this news also started out numerous prospects for those who desire to present solutions to RSS users among the upcoming Google Reader trouble. Check it out at many of them.

Google Reader Alternatives

Known as by many Apple enthusiasts as the ideal RSS newsreader for Mac and iOS, Reeder’s major crowd drawer is its wonderful and easy interface supported by reliable accessories.

In addition, it certainly not fails to target the require for other features starting from sharing choices and protecting functions, to addition with solutions such as Pinterest, Instapaper, Evernote, Pocket, Twitter, and Facebook and User interface tweaks that can gratify users that need complete choices.

Even so, allow it to be obvious that Reeder has its own display structure and it lacks sub-folders so it’s just only perfect to those who don’t have a large number of feeds stored.

A different service that’s been increasing much focus recently as a Google Reader option is NewsBlur. It’s an organized service that will demand you to pay some smaller but it’s also free. All of the feeds you import from Google Reader will detailed by category around the left panel and then once you simply click on a feed including things from the Ring Central website, for example, you’ll manage to see a divided screen including the opinion of the story from the site and check out other stories from the feed.


Launched in 2008 and based in Palo Alto, California. Feedly is privately organized company, known as among TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Smartphone Applications previous 2011.

Currently, this aggregator, which provides option to search and find out feeds, is free and accessible on the iPhone, android, iPad devices and on the desktop as a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Its website states that over millions Google Reader “refugees” already have turned to it.

Taptu is among the friendliest applications regarding platform interface and flexibility, being accessible for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. The application areas heavy focus on social networking by enabling addition with a user’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter feeds apart from being just a complete on RSS reader.

Although some users may have obtained disappointed over its feed restrict, many people have heralded its great off-line reading service. It'll absolutely come in useful for all those who don’t have 24*7 accesses to the internet.

FlipboardIn case you want something to turn blog posts, images, video, social networking and feeds into an amazing journal like layout, then you would be satisfied about Flipboard.

Accessible on both the iOS and Android platforms, the application attempts to reproduce the expertise one would usually get from studying a newspapers or a magazine – some would also call it a "live magazine". Even upon its release years ago, it’s already drawn surf between users and technical experts and even acquired numerous awards. Therefore, in case you want an immersive aesthetic expertise to view your RSS feeds, believe in that Flipboard will provide.

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