The Most Unusual Ways To Use Your iPhone

iPhone has become an integral part of our daily life. It is hard to imagine our world without this favorite device. iPhone's popularity is largely explained by a wide variety of applications for this platform and a convenient way to access them using the App Store. Many unusual applications for iPhone get the attention of media, but there are also  programs that do not have a loud name, but are absolutely essential for us.

Today we bring you the 7 most unusual ways to use your iPhone, beginning with getting the first aid during an earthquake and ending with the remote control of your house! Leave  your comments if you like them or if you can add some more iPhone unusual applications to our list.

So, with the help of your iPhone you can easily...

1. Survive an earthquake


We think it would be better to start with the most dramatic application. Imagine how thankful you will be to your little gadget for saving your life. Have you imagined? Such a situation happened to  what happened to Dan Woolley, an American filmmaker. A special application helped him to get out of rubble after the earthquake in Haiti. The program also prompted him to set reminders in order not to faint because of a pain shock.

Here are some examples of such applications: St John's Ambulance First Aid and Pocket First Aid and CPR (the last one helped Woolley actually).

2. Get pregnant


Yes, it's true. iPhone helps women get pregnant! One lady from Great Britain (Lena Bruce) had been trying to get pregnant for four years until she bought iPhone and downloaded a free app named Menstrual Calendar. Bruce became pregnant after two months of this app  usage, and it happened exactly in the day predicted by the program. A child has been named "iPhone baby".

3. Return your stolen goods


Kevin Miller from Gizmodo told the story about how he found the thief of his iPhone with the help of MobileMe service. Miller's iPhone was stolen at the bar in Chicago. The next day he took advantage of using the service's function named Find My iPhone to track the thief down. You won't believe, but he had easily found that guy and was able to return this device!

Miller is not the first or last lucky guy in the world. Imagine that you have been robbed and you've lost all your things, including iPhone. Mobile Me gives you a chance to get all stolen things back! So, there is no need to ignore this app, as it can be very useful for you.

4. Warm your hands


Are you cold? Then this solution is exactly for you! Hands Heater application  will turn your iPhone on and warm it up for you to warm your hands. We think it will spend more battery power than heat the device, so please, don't wait too much from this application. However, we find it unusual enough to be in our list.

5. Get a remote control of  your house


There are several applications (Lifeware, Crestron, iHome or Smartunity) that give you a chance to get a remote control of your house. It can be alarm clocks, coffee makers, locks, lights, air conditioners - anything. Some programs can even control the power consumption, so you can save on your apartment fee.

6. Get a wireless mouse for your computer


There are a lot of applications in the App Store that can act like a computer mouse, but the best one is Air Mouse Pro of course. Air Mouse Pro provides many features, even more than the trackpad of your MacBook. In addition, it can be used to replace a keyboard. Besides Air Mouse Pro allows media applications remote control.

7. Get a car key


Viper SmartStart is the application which provides the same functions as ZipCar (and even more), but this time it is for your own car! You can open the car locks, open its trunk, turn a dial or remotely start your car! It must be very comfortable, although we would better keep keys with us anyway for the case when there is no Internet connection around.

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