The Latest Apple Phones To Hit The Market

apple-phoneThere are numerous new smartphones that are launched each year. Apple's iPhone is among the most popular and best-selling brands. In fact, it is only recently that it has begun to face real competition. Apple typically launches a new phone each year. In late 2011, they released the iPhone 4S. In September of 2012, Apple launched its latest phone, the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 comes with a relatively different design from the previous versions. For instance, the phone features an industrial design, instead of the previous 4S's glass and plastic. It is made from anodized aluminum black which offers considerable durability. The phone's size is also ideal for most people. Even though it is larger than the previous iPhones with an inch that spans four inches and an aspect ratio of 16:9, it is comfortable to hold and to talk on. The bigger Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy 3, are simply too enormous. The Galaxy Note's screen size is a massive 5.5 inches. Even people with massive hands will have a challenging time handling it. The iPhone is not large enough to be uncomfortable, and it is not small enough to be inconvenient to navigate. The phone is also light. It weighs only 112 grams. This is considerably lighter than most competing phones within the market. This means that transporting the phone is easy and that you will not feel weighed down if you are on a call that lasts a considerable duration.

The iPhone 5 has also changed the speed. The response time of applications is quick. This means that if you tap on an app, it will instantly launch. The iOS 6 interface has virtually no lag. This means that it can easily handle all the latest and heaviest mobile apps. The phone also comes with an improved camera. Its rear camera is an 8MP iSight camera which improves on video quality and low light photography. While numerous phones struggle in taking photos within an environment with low light, Apple's latest phone takes these kinds of photos with the utmost ease.The iPhone 5's battery life has improved. You can surf the web, listen to music, check your mail, check out websites like Facebook and Instagram, and the charge will last the entire day. Constantly playing mobile games or shooting videos will drain the battery much faster. However, it is just about the same as other smartphones within its league.

The phone also has other changed features. For instance, the headphone jack has been moved to the phone's bottom. In addition, the thirty pin connector has been replaced by the lightning port. This may be inconvenient to some users who own chargers for the previous models. However, the connector is easy to use, and it facilitates the phone's size to be more compact and thinner. Another change, though small, is that the iSight front camera is now located within the center instead of the side.

In all, Apple's latest phone comes with enough new features to warrant a purchase; the dynamism of the product is unparalleled. This is an insight in this regard.
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