Product Review: aMember Pro 4.2, A Great Membership & Subscription Management Solution

Management is an integral part of any organization but could be a hectic task without using a proper system. Absence of powerful management system could throw organizations out of the competition. Great membership software like aMember could be your choice of needs and must have utility especially if you’re running e commerce type websites or anything else that has a large audience subscribed to any of your products or services.

aMember Pro is a professional online software for managing membership websites and can be easily integrated with multiple payment processors such as Paypal, Clickbank, Worldpay and many more. Moreover, you can easily integrate aMember pro with any CMS & BBS based websites such as Joomla, Xoops, PHPBB etc. Remember, you’ll require a latest version of PHP & MySql to be running at your server.

Basically, aMember works as a secure background subscription management system that can be easily integrated with any third party content management system and allows you to easily manage all the subscriptions at one place and have clear about the subscription renewal, payment delivered or not or everything else that you want to know about your subscription channel.

Below are some of the most important features of aMember Pro:

Multiple Language Support
aMember Pro is available in 17 languages so far and more to come. The current languages supported by aMember Pro are English, Danish, German, French, Croatian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew,  Italian,   Dutch, Romanian, Swedish, Chinese.

Customized Signup & Expirations Procedure
You’ve full control over which fields to ask for customers to fill in the text box like the product, payment system or choose language. Rest assured. You can set ReCaptcha form to prevent automated submission form and spam attack.

Multiple Payment Support
aMember Pro can be easily integrated with over verity of payment processors like Paypal, 2Checkout, 1ShoppinCart and many more. For full list of currently supported payment systems by aMember Pro, look here.

Great Platforms for Affiliate Management

Businesses can track record or current status of any or all their affiliate marketers and keep an spy eye on their recurring billing, refunds and charge backs. You may also able to turn customers into affiliates and provide a separate form for affiliates as well.  Moreover, you’ve full capabilities to reward your top performing affiliates.

Better E-Mail Management
Create and manage your own e-mail lists for users to subscribe and get daily or periodically email notifications.  Users with administrator privileges can able to send bulk emails to users to inform them about any new offers or latest lunch products or services. Moreover, you are capable to send specified set of emails to dedicated customers based on their country location, subscription level, or periods to customer.

aMember uses simple technologies and scripts to help you easily install it on your platform and start to work immediacy after installing the script. Support team from aMember would helps you in each and every step to get you started with aMember.

Pros: aMember offers attractive suite of membership management with bunch of useful tools that greatly helps business to keep going their membership typed website with easy.

Cons:  Taking caution in implementing scripts with your current running CMS is important. However, you don’t need to worry as aMember Pro support team is always there to assist to make the best out of it.

The Verdict:  aMember Pro is definitely a recommend yet affordable membership software and is hard to find anywhere else in such a low cost (USD $ 180). You’ll find great support services from aMember support team which helps you in flawlessly using aMember.
If you’ve already used this software or planning to, let us know your thoughts in comments.

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