How to make sure that you do need VPS?

So, you already have created a website for your company and are planning to achieve the long term goals and business growth for your company. Now, when you are thinking of the ways to get business growth for your business, you need to give some thought to why you want to use the Virtual Private Server (VPS) for your website. Even though there are many reasons for opting for VPS hosting, you need to think of whether you really are in need of VPS hosting. Check out the points we have given below and be sure of the reasons for opting for VPS hosting.

1.    You have created or are going to create multiple websites

If you are planning on managing many sites at a time then opting for shared hosting will be very tedious and time-consuming for you. This is because of the fact that all your web entities will be sharing the server resources you have. Instead if you go for VPS hosting, you will be able to get dedicated resources such as RAM, disk space and processing speed for your each website.

2.    Your business is expanding

If you opt for shared hosting and you are trying to follow a strategy that will increase the number of users on your website, you will find that you have a limited sale on your website and the risk of your website getting crashed would increase too. Here, VPS hosting would enable you to subscribe for additional resources at any time and unsubscribe them whenever they are not needed.

3.    Planning on using dynamic content on your website?

Even though shared hosting would work fine for static HTML pages, it would never work if you are planning on getting dynamic webpages having interactive widgets, flash animations etc. Since VPS hosting provides dedicated resources and supports dynamic content, it would serve as the best option for your website.

4.    Your site’s loading time has increased

If you find that your site is taking too much of time to load then it must be due to the excessive usage of the resources that your web hosting provider has given you. The VPS hosting can work in this case as it offers a burstable RAM that can keep the site loading at all times with optimized running time.

5.    You are afraid of the security threats

The shared hosting doesn’t offer great security options so using this service can lead to incessant security issues on your website. If your website contains lots of data and business transactions then we would recommend you to use VPS hosting instead of shared hosting. The VPS hosting service offers various security plans that would let you to add number of managed services that includes site monitoring and security updates.

Even though we have provided a host of basic reasons that would tell you to switch to VPS hosting service, only you can find out the exact reasons for opting for this service. Since the VPS hosting provides a midway between the dedicated and shared server hosting, it is preferred the most by small business organizations. So, if you notice that you are experiencing the signs given above then go to a reliable VPS hosting provider and get an optimized plan that would fulfill the demands of your website.

Jinal Shah,Web Consultant and Entrepreneur with substantial experience in building online businesses and developing web applications, cloud computing, VPS hosting and open source development.

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