AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy, an Easy, Safe & Affordable Hard Disk Migration Tool

AppleXsoft hard drive copy makes it easy for you to transfer the entire content (residing files, programs & operating system) from any source hard drive to destination hard drive in three easy steps: Select a source drive; select a destination drive & Select Migration. You can easily create an exact bootable clone of your hard drive and then securely replace your old, already filled hard drive.

applexsoft-boxshotAppleXsoft hard drive copy can also be used to permanently wipe the entire content of any hard drive that is of no longer use or you want it to hand over to someone else.

The software becomes handy when the current drive runs out of space and you bound to switch on another hard drive of larger capacity and better performance like SSD (solid state drive).  This software is capable to make the exact replica of source hard drive data, installed programs, stored files & folders and place it in the new hard drive without modifying anything. The software uses auto expansion function to expand source disk partitions proportionally on the destination drive.

Instead (without using any hard drive migration utility), you’ll need to involve yourself in those hectic tasks like installing a fresh copy of Windows, manually copying and pasting all the content from the source drive to destination drive, reinstalling programs etc.

Below are the quick benefits of having AppleXsoft installed on your PC:

  1. Easy migration from your old completely filled hard drive to brand new HDD or SSD with all the booting functionality & capability.
  2. Clone/Copy entire hard drive or any specific hard drive partitions in just one click.
  3. Migration will be done without reinstalling Windows. That means, you’ll no longer need Windows Activation Key or Windows Installation media like CD DVD, USB, external hard drive etc.  
  4. Successfully Copy/Move stored hard drive content and then permanently wipes off your hard drive data to securely dispose it.
  5. Data deleted using efficient data wiping method of this software will not be recoverable even after using professional data recovery software from leading brands like Stellar Phoenix, Kroll on Track, GetDataBack etc.
  6. Supports all the latest Windows operating system including Windows 8/7/Vista/XP etc. as well as 32-bit & 64-bit mode. 


There are bunch of situations arises in everyday life when user’s have to switch from old hard drive to new hard drive. The probable causes could be hard drive is failing, running out of space, need faster performance which is almost impossible in your old hard drive because of any virus/Trojan attack, hard drive overage etc. AppleXsoft is specially built to address solutions to such tedious circumstances with using minimal efforts and fewer resources. AppleXsoft will ask for minimal payment ($ 50 USD) to unblock all the premium functionality but it worth having it on your PC.

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