Apple iWatch Rumor Roundup

Anything released from the Apple stable is a surefire hit. So one can well imagine the response to rumors surrounding a product of one of the globe's most valuable companies. Such is the situation pertaining to the supposed "iWatch," which is currently the subject of frenetic speculation by reputable analysts.

Presenting a roundup of some of the most  convincing rumors regarding Apple's Smartwatch:

1. Unnamed Official

An anonymous official firmly believed to be an Apple insider has revealed potent details surrounding the iWatch. The person claims that Apple has assembled a 100-strong group of top-notch technical experts to design an advanced Smartwatch - widely said to be the iWatch.  
The official says that the proposed Smartwatch would possess the ensuing attributes (among others):

a)    Phone calling with caller identification.

b)    Ability to view geographical maps including coordinates data.

c)    A state-of-the-art health monitoring system that would count user steps, check heart rates, and more.

2. Bloomberg

The well-known business news company is one of the main rumor catalysts - but with good reasons. Bloomberg asserts that Apple is definitely going to take the Smartwatch plunge as the company is keen to exploit the growing international watch market, which is said to be worth 60 billion dollars currently. Bloomberg claim that these views have been substantiated by Oliver Chen, noted industry observer.

The iWatch launch would also catch the competition unaware as, beside the computer market, most companies seem to have centered on just the television industry. In addition, Apple could earn handsome margins owing to iWatch sales offsetting the slightly sluggish returns offered by its current devices (as evidenced by falling stock values).

Bloomberg cites another compelling motive for the iWatch: Apple filing for more than 79 patents involving the phrase “wrist.” Out of these, application number US20120194448 is the most striking as it outlines an advanced wrist gadget complete with a solar-powered battery.


This renowned technology web site elucidates some interesting reasons for the arrival of Apple iWatch. asserts that:

a)    Apple has specifically requisitioned for numerous packages containing Nike sports wristwatches some years ago. The reason was clear: Apple wanted to harness the innate technology and apply the same towards their own Smartwatch - the iWatch.

b)    A watch-shaped iPod Nano device had already been introduced in the market some time back. Though Apple withdrew the gadget quickly and replaced it with a conventional looking iPod Nano, it was enough to spark thoughts that the company actually intended to gauge customer reactions to a genuine iOS-powered wristwatch.

c)    The company had applied for over 79 patents concerning the expression “wrist” – an opinion supported by Bloomberg.

4. Scott Wilson (Watch Designer)

Watch designer Scott Wilson shot to fame when he engineered a band facilitating the iPod Nano to be tied to the wrist thus resembling a standard timepiece. He propounds that people today are intensely accustomed to mobile device use and hence would welcome a Smartwatch - especially one developed by Apple. Wilson further reminds us that since similar efforts in the past by Microsoft and others had failed, Apple - owing to their proficiency in the mobile device realm , would be more than eager to fulfill this demand and reap rich dividends.

Lastly, Wilson explains that enterprises like Pebble Technology, Martian, and Metawatch are all set to tie up with Google and Apple and retail wristwatches entrenched with the latter’s technology and software. Remarkably Pebble have procured over USD 10 million from the Kickstarter portal for this grand purpose. All this solidly points to the future sale of the iWatch. 

5. is an admired Apple fan portal. They assert that the iWatch will soon be a reality armed with the following features:

a)    A convex glass dial.

b)    Haptic response system.

c)    The capacity to transfer content to and from internet-enabled devices.

d)    iTunes functionality.

e)    Notification mechanism.

f)    Nike software and support.

g)    Focus towards female buyers.


The above rumors and arguments are convincing enough to delight any Apple fan. Meanwhile - observers would, unquestionably, be keenly “watching” Apple’s future moves.

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