Great Data Recovery Utility From UndeletePlus 3.0

Losing precious files from your hard drive and similar storage devices is quite obvious and occurs frequently. Probable causes could be accidental file deletion (shift + delete), hard drive formatting, erased partitions, virus/Trojan attacks etc. Remember, deleted files will still exist somewhere on the problem drive and have high chances of recovery if proficient recovery software is used like UndeletePlus from

MFT (Master File Table) maintains records of every file stored in your hard drive and will place an actual copy of data on the platter. Whenever, you delete or format data, only the targeted space will be marked as free and marked to save other files in the future. Traces of deleted data are still stored in the MFT and will continue to exist till the space is overwritten with other files. Remember, once deleted files are overwritten, you won’t be able to recover them even by using professional recovery software or data recovery services.     

 UndeletePlus from eSupport will make your data recovery process easier than ever, and will recover files emptied from your recycle bin, formatted or hard deleted (Shift + delete) etc. It’ll easily recover files from  a list of storage devices including desktops/Laptops, removable media, hard disk drives, flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, leading camera brands etc. The software supports all the latest version of Windows, including Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, and recovery of almost any type of document like pdfs, jpgs, emails, mpegs, MS Word documents, Power Point files and many more.

The software has an intuitive interface and user friendly design to make those tedious data recovery tasks easier. The software also offers wizard based recovery methods for novice PC users to recover files based on certain parameters.

On the main screen of the software, you are able to see any or all the storage devices (either internal or external) connected to your PC. Choose the desired drive to scan by checking the box before the drive name. Once you’ve chosen the drive to scan, click on the button Start Scan.

The software will begin searching for lost files and folders, and soon the screen will pop up stating the number of deleted files and folders that have been found along, with the type of deleted files like photo, documents or miscellaneous files etc.

Navigate around the scan results and to find the deleted files that you’re looking for, next click on Recover File to save the file to any local storage location. It’s always recommend to use a different drive for storing recovered files as it’ll have a higher probability of being lost or damaged again.

If the desired file is still missing, or normal scan mode wasn’t able to locate the desired deleted or formatted files, try the most powerful built-in recovery option entitled Smart Scan, which will analyze and scan problem hard drives, sector by sector, and recover severely damaged or corrupted files. Moreover, if the drive is in RAW status or suffering from serious damages, the software is still able to locate and restore files.


There is a similar option called Deep Scan, used to scan files that are missing from normal scan mode or smart scan mode scan results. However, it’ll take a little longer time than expected, due to scanning drive cluster by cluster.

The software is perfectly suited for almost any situation of data loss, and runs in read-write mode, which will help protect your deleted files from being overwritten. UndeletePlus performs pretty well and is a faster scan drive as compared to its competitors like Kroll on Track, R-studio, GetDataBack etc.

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May 9, 2013 at 8:46 AM

I just used undleteplus to recover 28 photos that my wife accidentally deleted off my notebook. Man, what a lifesaver. Thanks! And thanks for posting the review too.