Recover Deleted Media Files Using Active @ File Recovery 10.0

Data loss situations may happen anytime due to different unavoidable facts like accidentally file deletion, virus/malware attack, hard drive corruption etc. and having powerful recovery utility could be your last resort to safely recovers deleted, formatted or otherwise lost data from various storage media. Luckily, windows inbuilt file system will help recovery programs to thoroughly scan storage media and find all the traces of deleted files as well as allow recovery utility to restore them in its original form at any desired location.

active@ file-recovery

Active @ File Recovery is packed with many advanced features and modern capabilities to effectively scan different sorts of storage media and restore files without modifying its original quality. It will run only in write protected mode to give maximum security for your deleted data from being overwritten due to ongoing recovery operation.

Here’s what you need to have before executing any recovery operation:

  1. License Key: You’ll need a Pro License key (For $ 29.95 USD) of Active @ File Recovery to have unique capabilities of deeply scanning data and finally saving it to the destination folder.
  2. External Hard Drive: Data Recovery performed on the same problem media could overwrite existing deleted data and thus unsuccessful recovery operation. Using an external hard drive is always recommended to make sure that you have high probability getting every single byte of deleted data without losing its quality or information.
  3. Basic Knowledge: Using data recovery software is as simple as operating basic computer programs and with few mouse clicks, you will have all your precious data back. 
Just download and install the latest version of Active @ File Recovery 10.0 from its official website and start it from the desktop. Once you’re done with this, locate the problem media from the list screen in this software home screen and click to choose options like ‘Quick Scan’ or ‘Super Scan’. All option will efficiently do their respective job to help you in restoring maximum possible data from the storage media.

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The file recovery software for windows have bunch of useful features to address almost any data loss situations around your hard drive or any other storage media. Below mentioned are the some of the major features you’ll get with the latest version of Active @ File Recovery 10.0.

Latest OS Support: It’ll perform flawless recovery on all the latest Windows OS like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP etc.

File Systems support:
Active @ File Recovery supports wide variety of file systems like FAT, FAT32, NTFS5, HFS +, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4fs etc. and others.

Signature Based Recovery: Every file residing in the hard drive have unique signatures assigned to it i.e., .pdf, .img, .doc etc. This software will narrow down the time to search files only for specific type than the whole drive and list all other files which obviously, takes lot more time than usual. This program will allow users to add, edit or delete existing file types according to user preferences.

Overall Rating: Perfect Solution to Handle Almost Any Data Loss Situations
Active @ File Recovery is pretty compact utility to address almost any data loss situations which normally occurs in your daily life or may suddenly stroke out at your small or mid size business place which leads to your money and time go wasted to find the right solution.
Overall, I’m pretty impressed with series of recovery features and option to customize and fasten scanning process. Don’t forget to share your own experience with this software which will help others to decide right file recovery program.

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