Wipes out Your Data Loss Worries Using Recover My Files from GetData

Say good bye to any or all your data loss problems addressed due to various unavoidable facts like sudden system failure, virus/Trojan corruption, whole partition loss due to Windows re installation etc. using handy yet famous file recovery utility called ‘Recover My Files’ from GetData. Intuitive and fast data recovery wizard would make your data recovery process lot easier and safer than ever.

Files deleted from the Windows or other similar OS are not gone forever and you might able to bring it back to your life if you’ve courage to follow some simple steps and invest a little money for your priceless documents, photos or any other digital media files.

Data recovered using Recover My Files are fully safe and will remain untouched even after virus or malware corruption. You can able to see preview of your lost files before actual recovery and ensures yourself its complete recovery when the purchase is made.

The Interface
This software has easy to use DIY interface and powerful enough to dig deeply inside the hard disk or any other storage media and will easily restore your files of over 200 types.

Installing and testing it on any Windows PC is similar to other PC programs and require few simple steps. Just download the setup and install it on your PC as like other computer software and run it either from the desktop or from All Programs menu. The software will run in read mode only to protect your problem data and thus ensures safety of any deleted data.

Options for Recovering Files
You’ve got two options for recovery i.e., Recover Files and Recover a Drive. As the name suggest, for recovering single or list of files from a partition, you could choose the first option. Whereas, second option will help you to recover drive lost due to partition formatting, drive damages, drive inaccessibility etc.

Either option will present a common next screen, which is a list of all internal or external device attached to your PC. All you need is to select the desired drive or partition and click Next.

Within few seconds, you’ll be able to see the content stored in that particular problem drive with a number of files contained in a single folder.


You’ll also have the capability to narrow your search results using File Type option, which groups your search results based on file extensions and let you choose the desired files for recovery. March check the box to select grouped file types for recovery and hit the Save button located at the top left corner.

Finally, set any desired location to save the recovered version of a file by the browse button.

Recovery will start and whola, you’ve got all your lost files back again. Have a beer please!!!

With this powerful file recovery utility, you’ll not lose a single file for sure. There are still many features left to cover up in this article but it would go too long enough. Though, I can’t live without saying a unique feature about this software that it allows you to validate file contents by matching its header information. This ensures that the file you are going to recover is valid and will works as before.


The Verdict: Must have utility for any minor or major data loss problems

In just $ 69.96, you’ll get many features in this software to easily customize, locate and recover files. Doesn’t matter what are the file types or data loss situation occurs, you always have good chance with Recover My Files to restore lost or deleted files as well as save money, effort and time.

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May 1, 2014 at 2:10 PM

I installed it with crack and it worked except the saving files !
Please help :)

May 4, 2014 at 12:58 PM

Try uninstalling it and then again install it. Not sure if there is any problem with the license key.