How to Read Kindle books (mobi) on iPad/iPhone/iPod?

Apple iPad is a magical product for all apple fans. It provides you the free iBook app to read your favorite books on iPad. You can taste “Reading is a joy on iPad” just as it is described on Apple’s official site. However, many people will worry about their favorite books on iPad missing while they are pleased at reading on iPad. In my opinion, you may also have a question about how to transfer books from iPad to PC as follows:

Reading eBook on iPad is an absolute enjoyment. But losing ibook from iPad is a sad thing. In order to escape from losing my iPad eBook, I want to copy ebook from iPad to PC. Thank you for reminding me to use a third party program to replace Apple iTunes. So, to read kindle .mobi books on iPad, you need to convert mobi to ePub. Read this article about how to convert mobi to ePub.


Unlike essentially every other e-book reading app available for the iPhone or iPad, BookShelf is built on a scrolling metaphor, like a web browser. Ever since the early days of the e-book, some people (such as my friend Travis Butler, who occasionally comments here) have simply preferred to read that way, sliding their thumb up or down to advance the text a line, a paragraph, or page at a time, as they like.


Over the years, iStosoft ePub converter has added the ability to read a number of other formats, including EPUB, to its MobiPocket base.  It should be noted that only non-DRMed files can be loaded into Bookshelf—which means that e-books purchased in Secure Mobipocket or Secure EPUB format will not work unless a way can be found to remove the DRM.

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