Product Review: File Recovery Assist Exactly Does What It Says

Whenever we delete an important file from Windows or any other operating system, only the
pointer of that particular file or folder is removed by the OS. Pointer contains addresses of all
the files and folders in your storage media and helps operating system to locate it easily. In file
deletion case, original data is not permanently deleted and there is strong evidence of your files
being clicking somewhere around your hard drive or whatever media in which data loss
situation occurs. The situation becomes more critical when you haven’t taken any backup or
saved a copy of files to another place.

However, powerful file recovery program like File Recovery Assist from Sondle can help you to
restore any lost, deleted or formatted digital media files (Photo, Audio, Video) from whatever
storage device you’re using like Hard drives, Pen Drive/USB, external hard drive etc. It also
supports popular file system like FAT12, FAT16 and NTFS and latest Windows operating system
including Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP for both 32/X86 Bit and 64/X64 Bit.

File Recovery Assist is fairly easy to install and run on your PC/Laptop. Just download the latest version from here and follow simple steps to install it. Though, it’s always recommended to choose another PC for performing recovery operation as the deleted files can be easily overwritten by installing or even simply using the PC. Once the deleted files become overwritten, you might not able to see it again.


The product home screen is itself explanatory and gives you complete walk through on safely restoring deleted files. The software automatically scans for the currently attached external storage media as well as the existing partitions.

As like other recovery programs, you’ll need to select the partition containing your important files and click next. Software will start scanning the partition or drive and give you scanned results in no time. In some cases, recovery program may take more time than usual, whole depends on the volume size and level of corruption.

In my personal experience, File Recovery Assist scans one of my drive partitions so fast but fails to list a word documents that I've hard deleted (shift+delete) just before scanning media. However, it do lists many other type of photos and videos which I've deleted along with the word document. Hope developer will soon notice this and try to resolve as fast as they can.

You've almost half completed your journey towards recovering your important data. See preview of any desirable files using preview pane located at the right side of the Window and ensure yourself that, once you choose to go for premium, can able to recover any or all the desirable media files.


The software does the same thing with accidentally deleted or lost partitions and recovers it with all the containing data.

From the same screen, you’ll be able to set recovery location, search for any desired files and folders, manually select any or all at once for recovery etc.

The Verdict: Recommended
There were many recovery programs are available online, but File Recovery Assist should be your first choice to successfully recover your precious stuff in the same form, you've seen it before deleting. Definitely, Recommended.

Review Disclosure: Sondle paid nominal fees to have file recovery assist reviewed here, but had zero influence over the evaluation and review itself. Of course.

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