Product Review: Never Lose Your Important Files on Mac Using Disk Drill 1.8

Mac OS are more imminent to failure as like other operating systems and you’re always at risk of losing your important files either by accidentally formatting Mac hard drive volumes or hard deleting one of your important files.

Disk Drill from CleverFiles is a must have utility for Mac users to make sure that they may able to bring back their deleted or formatted files when disaster strikes to your Mac system. In the basic or free version of this software, you’ll able to protect your precious files, monitor your disk for performance and other issues (using S.M.A.R.T. utility), take backup of important data or volumes into disk images (DMG), effectively scans HFS/HFS+, FAT, NTFS volumes. Whereas, Professional version will facilitate all the aforementioned capabilities along with ability to safely recovers the desired media files and get it protected using recovery vault. Recovery Vault lets you recover media files with their original names, properties and other features intact.

This software is capable of recovering list of file types including images, audios, videos, songs etc. You may able to perform selective recovery or signature based recovery to narrow down the scan results. If you’re looking for any particular file types that didn’t exist by default in Disk Drill latest version, you might able to add it yourself using the Disk Drill Preferences button.

Disk Drill for Pros includes powerful methods to deeply scan your Mac hard drives to find every possible trace of deleted media files. Inbuilt Quick Scan method in this software will allows you to quickly scan media of HFS or NTFS based volumes. Though, this will certainly skip bad sectors and blocks around your hard drive and usually less effective of scanning hard drives for media files that deleted long ago.


However, Deep Scan will perform thorough scan of your Mac hard drives and is capable of recovering almost any type of digital media files and documents from list of storage Medias including hard drives, USB, Flash Drive, Memory card, iPods or even from the networked drives. Deep Scan usually takes longer time than Quick Scan but is far more effective and capable of recovering files even after complete system formatting.

This software is capable of scanning drives of 2 TB or more in capacity and lets you able to pause, save scan information and continue with it whenever you’ve spare time for the same. Moreover, you’ll able to assign a master password for protecting Disk Drill functions on Machine with more than one user. Master Password will prevent unauthorized users to undelete files that were deleted or protected using recovery vault.

Overall Rating:  4.8 out of 5 (Must Have Utility)
Data Loss situations will happen either sooner or later to your Mac System and having powerful Mac Data Recovery utility like Disk Drill is always recommend for flawless and effective recovery. This software has pretty advanced utility that’s clearly lacking in other Mac recovery software, like Stellar Phoenix which is quite slow and doesn’t meet the expectations. This utility will ensures users that whatever the data loss situations could be, you’ll always be able to get your precious data back.

Moreover, Disk Drill perfectly suited to audience with any level of Mac Operating system knowledge and experience. In just $89, you’ve all the unique features and capabilities to address all your Mac data recovery needs that competitors were offering in just the double price or higher than this program.

All Image Credit : CleverFiles

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