Active@ Boot Disk: Complete Data Security, Recovery and Wiping Solution

Active@ boot disk from LSoft Inc. can be used to boot into Windows or complete DOS environment in case of system inaccessibility, startup failure, virus / malware attacks etc. by creating CD/DVD/USB/Flash. You can use this tool to fix inaccessible or damaged system, recover files, backup or create image of entire drive.

Active @ Boot Disk combines compact utility like Data Burner, Disk Editor, Disk Image, Disk Monitor, File Recovery, Kill Disk, Partition Recovery, password changer and Undelete, all at once.

              active @ boot disk

It will run from RAM in case of complete system failure as it uses Windows PE (Pre-Installation Environment) and works almost like a DOS OS to perform all the operations which you can do on running Windows.

Advantages of Active @ Boot Disk

• Recover lost, deleted or formatted partitions along with the stored content on it even from the 
  completely unbootable system.
• Create bootable CD, DVD, and USB using an easy-to-use boot disk creator.
• Allows you to add files, change boot settings, configure BIOS options and more.
• Partition manager to create, resize or delete hard drive partitions.
• Reset Windows Administrator password in case you forgotten the administrator password or
  somehow lost accessibility.
• Completely and securely erase hard drives to make recovery software unable to found any traces of
  deleted files.
• Monitor hard disk drive problems using S.M.A.R.T. utility.
• Easily search and locate deleted files from hard drive and other similar storage devices. Supports
  recovery from range of file systems including FAT, FAT12, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS 5, +EFS etc.
• Detect all the latest type of hard drive attachments type including ATA/ SATA/ IDE.

How to Create Bootable CD DVD USB or Flash?

You can easily prepare a complete bootable disk to face almost any type of data loss circumstances and easily recover your precious files. Once you successfully created the bootable drive can taste the benefits of all the inbuilt utility. Just follow few simple steps mentioned below:

1. Download Active @ Boot Disk from here . Install and run Active @ boot disk creator from All
    Programs > Active @ Boot Disk (Live CD).
 create active @ boot disk

2. The program will search and list any or all the attached storage devices and allows you to choose
    any one of them. Choose the desired drive and click Next.
3. The program will ask you to format the drive. So it’s recommended to copy/move all your data first
    and click OK.
4. Within Few Minutes, the software will make bootable media ready to boot any Windows PC.
5. To access Active@ Boot Disk functions PE environment, frequently tap F8 or whichever key is set
    in your PC just after starting the. Chose your proffered media and follow simple Do-It-Yourself
    steps of the software. 

The Verdict: Recommended for All Level of PC Users
LSoft Inc. offers set of Windows maintenance and recovery utility in pretty competitive price, which is just $ 80 USD. Other than that, this software will ensure you to never lose any important data regardless the situations encounters.


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