Easy solutions for the problems of MS Office Professional!

Microsoft Office Professional is a program that nobody can do without. Right from a working professional to a student, everybody needs it extremely. It is of course, because of its powerful features to create documents, spreadsheets. Word processing speed is extremely good, when compared to any other such kind of programs.

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The bad part is that, this powerful program encounters many problems that may be annoying, when you are on the verge of initiating or completing an important work. There are certain problems, which have simpler solution and can be sorted with little bit of technical knowledge.

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We have made an attempt to acquaint you with few of such problems and their simple solutions.

How to identify, if there is a problem with the program? 
If there is a problem, you can see a box popping up in front of you, while you are working with the program. This box will have the error message in it.

Another possibility is that your application will run in an abnormal manner.

Automatic Spelling & Grammar Check
You do not have to worry, if you’re not good at spellings or grammar. It is because MS Office comes with a wonderful feature of spell and grammar check. It keeps a track, whether you’re making any spelling mistake or grammatical error, while creating your document. The moment it comes across any such mistake, you will be alerted and you will be given options to make the corrections.

To enable this feature, follow these simple steps:

Go to ‘Edit’-> open the ‘Options’ menu -> check the boxes of ‘Check spelling as you type’ & ‘Check grammar as you type’ in ‘Proofing section’.

I am facing problem in activating MS Office. What should I do now?
Initially, try to find whether you are typing the exact product key or not. If it is not working, then try to activate it from within the ‘Activation Manager’.

Is it not working still? That is sad! Are you sure that it is not the OEM version? If it is the OEM version, then let us tell you that OEM version is meant for one computer. You cannot install it in more than one computer.

Have you lost the genuine MS Office Professional CD?
Don’t panic, if you have lost your original CD of MS Office Professional. Microsoft has made a provision for its users to get a replacement shipped to their address, by confirming their ownership. You just need to call them and provide the proof of your authentication, and that is it.

Problems might seem to be bigger with MS Office Professional, but they have simple solution and few of them have been cited above. Next time, you come across any problem with your MS Office Professional, try to troubleshoot it yourself instead of spending money on any technician.

-Authored by Sarah Bruce. Sarah is an SEO analyst and a Technical Support Specialist. Do visit MyTechGurus for further assistance or any Tech Support related issues or our channel on Technical support to help yourself. MyTechGurus is an Independent Remote Technical Support company.

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