Microsoft Shutting Down its Live Messanger, Skype on Rocks

Soon, you'll no longer be able to use Microsoft messenger as Microsoft planning to replace it with Skype, an Internet telephony service giant bought by Microsoft in late 2011. This news is confirmed by Microsoft after sending Email to users having messenger installed on their PC or Laptop. 

              Microsoft Skype Collaboration

Microsoft said that they were retiring messenger and all of its services by 15 March'2013 in every country except China, and advises users to update to Skype with their existing account details prior to its retirement. Microsoft also confirmed that you'll be able to video chat and instant message just like before, along with new and improved GUI. You can also embed his new version of Skype to your mobile or table PC.

Since, with the release of Skype 6.0, user was accessing their Skype account with Microsoft live which is clear indication of this transition.  

Microsoft bought Skype for $ 8.5 billion in 2011 and since then, regularly improving it as much as they can. Skype allows user to make free or low cost phone calls over internet using their computers or Smartphone’s. 

This news might be shocking for users who would love to use messenger but this Skype release might give you no reason to worry. Cheers. 

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