Can Tablets Replace Other Computing Devices in Business?

Certain things that a businessman can never avoid are travelling, presentations and computing devices. The first two things that we have mentioned are purely dependent on the third object viz. the computing device.

Business owners have to travel a lot, and every time they cannot carry a heavy computing device. A good computing device is vital for preparing for presentations and other documentary works. The bottom line is you need to keep all these points in mind to buy a good computing device.

Tablet is always preferred to laptops or smartphones, for the ease of working and the portability during travelling. So, let us look into the factors that have to be considered, while buying a good laptop for business purposes.

Operating System
The first and foremost things to be considered are the operating system and the environment, in which the slate apps will be running. At present, iOS and Android are the two tablet operating systems that are doing great in the tablet market.

Undoubtedly, Windows 7 is doing great with tablets. It is doing way better than it was expected.However, with Windows 8, the situation of Windows tablet is supposed to grow even better.

With Android and iOS, the apps are limited that can be used in these ecosystems. I know, it is little disappointing. The good news is that Windows 7 gives scope for many apps, which you may not avail in iOS or Android.

Keyboard & mouse
When you require lot of typing, it becomes necessary that you have a keyboard and mouse for ease of working with your tablet. iOS& Android tablets have the only provision of Bluetooth connectivity, which you can make use to connect the keyboard and mouse with.

If you look at Windows 7 slate, you will notice that it has Bluetooth connection along with USB ports. You can connect the keyboard & mouse in either ways. Now, it is your pick.

Internet &Security
When it comes to businesses, security is the major concern. Leakage of a bit of data may wreak havoc on your business. So, you need to see whether your tablet has the required security or not.

iOS, Android and Windows 7 provide all the necessary security to its tablet users. VPN is another provision that ensures the safety of your data, and it is provided in all the three ecosystems.

Know it well that with Android and Windows 7, you will never be restricted in internet browsing. But, when it comes to iOS, you have to face certain browsing constraints.

Based on the surveys, it has been estimated that Tablet is going to be the first choice of businessmen, in few years from now. It is not only because of the portability factor, but also the other factors that have been mentioned above, which make tablet a substitute for laptop.  

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