Avira Antivirus 2013 – Review

Nobody seems to quite understand why anti-virus vendors offer their products free of charge. However, the great thing is that almost all leading creators of this kind of software offer it free of charge, so why not enjoy the benefit as long as it lasts? The version for 2013 offered by one of the companies is Avira Antivirus. Let us see what this company has to offer.

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This vendor does not seem to be too different from the other companies as Avira’s primary window  too has a link that urges you to look at the all the features the paid version has to offer, including the complete suite for security. This window also tells you about common tasks and how you can go about them, like keeping yourself informed about updates, about an impending scan, and alerts about the protection being turned on or off. There is also a panel on the left side that has links that take you to complete configuration and other common tasks.

If you wish to check out Avira’s latest updates on “Experts Market”, you simply need to click the relevant button that you will find on the bottom right. One great feature is that people possessing expertise can offer their services if they wish to, by signing up to offer their support in areas they are good in.  You are at will to discuss your problem and have an expert review it for you, and mutually agree on a price for troubleshooting. Experts can have their reputation built with the ratings given by people who have benefited through their expert advice. The price keeps changing based on the ratings and the demand for the particular domain of expertise.

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However, if encounter any problems while testing, you can turn to basic tech support instead of relying on the Experts Market. You never know, because you could face issues with malware that could force you to reboot during the install. Sometimes after repair, the essential services could get disrupted or even disabled. One good feature is that as a person enjoying free period offer, you are entitled to seek tech support through email. Once you shoot them your email, you could get an immediate response asking you to use the Avira Antivirus Rescue System, which is an antivirus feature that is bootable.  However, sometimes the rescue scan to does nothing much and leaves everything on a freeze.

In such circumstances, Avira would rush to offer you remote support by taking charge of your PC to fix the issue for you. If you think you would be comfortable with that (you need to reveal your IP details (address) to enable them to take control) you can go ahead and let them fix the issue for you.  Avira also has a real-time detection system that detects threats and gets rid of them by performing a mini-scan. On detecting malware, Avira will either destroy it or simply deny access.  Avira has the capacity to detect over 95% of the malware that can cause a security risk, and block whatever has been detected.  Overall, for a free antivirus software, it is good.

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