Can Tablets Replace Other Computing Devices in Business?

Can Tablets Replace Other Computing Devices in Business?

Certain things that a businessman can never avoid are travelling, presentations and computing devices. The first two things that we have mentioned are purely dependent on the third object viz. the computing device.

Business owners have to travel a lot, and every time they cannot carry a heavy computing device. A good computing device is vital for preparing for presentations and other documentary works. The bottom line is you need to keep all these points in mind to buy a good computing device.

Tablet is always preferred to laptops or smartphones, for the ease of working and the portability during travelling. So, let us look into the factors that have to be considered, while buying a good laptop for business purposes.

Operating System
The first and foremost things to be considered are the operating system and the environment, in which the slate apps will be running. At present, iOS and Android are the two tablet operating systems that are doing great in the tablet market.

Undoubtedly, Windows 7 is doing great with tablets. It is doing way better than it was expected.However, with Windows 8, the situation of Windows tablet is supposed to grow even better.

With Android and iOS, the apps are limited that can be used in these ecosystems. I know, it is little disappointing. The good news is that Windows 7 gives scope for many apps, which you may not avail in iOS or Android.

Keyboard & mouse
When you require lot of typing, it becomes necessary that you have a keyboard and mouse for ease of working with your tablet. iOS& Android tablets have the only provision of Bluetooth connectivity, which you can make use to connect the keyboard and mouse with.

If you look at Windows 7 slate, you will notice that it has Bluetooth connection along with USB ports. You can connect the keyboard & mouse in either ways. Now, it is your pick.

Internet &Security
When it comes to businesses, security is the major concern. Leakage of a bit of data may wreak havoc on your business. So, you need to see whether your tablet has the required security or not.

iOS, Android and Windows 7 provide all the necessary security to its tablet users. VPN is another provision that ensures the safety of your data, and it is provided in all the three ecosystems.

Know it well that with Android and Windows 7, you will never be restricted in internet browsing. But, when it comes to iOS, you have to face certain browsing constraints.

Based on the surveys, it has been estimated that Tablet is going to be the first choice of businessmen, in few years from now. It is not only because of the portability factor, but also the other factors that have been mentioned above, which make tablet a substitute for laptop.  

Casandragin has a good experience in online tech support services. She is known for her work in researching about PC issues faced by users and gives solutions to fix it. She is a writer for mytechgurus an independent technical support company which gives remote services for emergency repair and maintenance.
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The Invasion of QR Codes from Print to Technology

The Invasion of QR Codes from Print to Technology

QR (Quick Response) codes have been around for a long time, coming up to 20 years and they have had an astronomical increase of usage within the past few years – thanks to the increase in popularity of smartphones, and QR scanner and reader apps being distributed for free for pretty much all different types of smartphone device; the iPhone, Android devices etc.

QR codes were first invented by Denso Wave Inc, in Japan, for use in car manufacturing plants to track car parts to be used in the manufacturing process. This was way back in 1999. It took a while for them to get to the mainstream, but as soon as they did they took off in a huge way.

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A QR code is a 2 dimensional barcode, which can be scanned faster than a regular barcode, as well as hold more information than a regular barcode, so it’s got many more uses. It can hold up to 7,089 numeric characters or 4,296 alphanumeric characters.

Here’s the short history of QR codes, from creation through to today:

    1994: Quick Response code was invented by Denso Wave for use in their car manufacturing plants 
              to track inventory.
    2000: The first smartphone device (R380) was released by Ericsson, it had no-where near the same
              capabilities as smartphones of today, but it was a crucial step in the rise of the QR code.
    2001: Palm released the first mobile phone capable of browsing the internet – another crucial step in
             the rise of the QR code.
    2010: The first QR code reader and scanner apps were released for a number of smartphones,
              including the iPhone and Andriod phones. During 2010 the number of QR code scans
              increased by over 1200% in just 3 months.
    2011: QR codes really start to take off, thanks to huge campaigns being run by large companies     
             such as Tesco and Best Buy.
    2012: Another great year for QR codes, their popularity increased even further and their usage
             taken to new levels with things like Virtual Shopping Stores & Windows.
    2013: Who knows what’s in-store for QR codes this year, the astronomical rise it’s had already  
             shows no sign of slowing down. I’m sure we’ll see some more advancements in QR code
             usage throughout this year.

As you can see, it wasn’t until 2010 that QR codes first really impacted on the public/consumer market, and they have grown significantly since then. It's only been 3 years and now I see them everywhere, printed on products in supermarkets, printed on business vans and cars, printed on business cards and flyers, printed on advertisements in magazines and newspapers – they are turning up all over the place.

QR code compressed

Here’s a few interesting facts about QR codes and just how much interaction they get from us:

I guess Apple played a huge part in bringing the QR code to the public domain, if it wasn’t for the iPhone then QR codes might never of taken off as big as they did. When you consider that over 68% of QR codes scanned are scanned with an iPhone.

Apple recently left the NFC feature off of it’s iPhone 5 (despite lots of other companies including it) and it looks like NFC is dead in the water now, I bet if Apple had included NFC in the iPhone 5 then it would be much more popular than it is now.

Author Bio: The author of this article has worked in design and marketing for over 10 years. He recommends that you use VisuaLead for all of your visual qr code creations.
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Things to Consider Before Picking A Process Server

Things to Consider Before Picking A Process Server
The process servers have been associated with the task assortment. Simply, the process servers help in tasks like document retrieval, legal documents, and court papers. The principal job of the process servers involves serving or delivering legal documents. These legal documents are served to the person or defendant involved with court case. The second task of the process servers involve delivering the actual evidence as per the legal documents served. The verification offered is often referred as a proof of service or affidavit of service. These verification needs to be notarized and delivered to the company or the individual who are due with serving their papers. The process servers work as a means to serve the papers legally and in a correct manner. The laws associated with process serving vary from state to state.
Authorized Process Server

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Therefore, each process server would found with distinctive way to carry out things. The process servers work as a helping aid to the persons dealing with legal matters. There are many reasons which the process service significant. The process servers are indispensable part of the civil society. The process servers are the tool that makes sure that the legal papers have been served in an appropriate and highly effective fashion. Therefore, the process servers are very important and there are typical things to be considered before picking a process server.

Licensed Under Recognized Organization

The very first thing that needs to be considered while selecting a process server would be its provider. The provider of the process server should be bonded and licensed. Apart from being bonded and licensed the provider of the process server should be a recognized as well as a professional organization. The organization must have recommendations and experience from legal community. With this you can assure that the service that you are going to get are the best.

Check about the Schedule

You should check about the schedule of the process servers before you pick any. You must always prefer a full time process server, the one which will serve you 24/7. There are many process servers which are mostly available for nights or for weekends to serve your documents properly. For serving the documents to the best you need a full time process server. Therefore, before you pick any process server you must make sure that it operates and is available for full time at your service.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracking is another very important point that needs consideration while selecting a process server. As the whole process is associated with legal matters it is important that it can track down the persons who are skipping out of the process or the legal matters. Tracking down a person who is skipping out of the server is possible with the use of the information related to address, car registrations, workplace and similar information.

Response Time

The process serves should be able to provide quick response to the legal matters. Therefore, the response time of the process servers is very important. Another thing is that the process servers respond quickly to the requests and keep the company or the individual updated with issues or progress if any. The process servers thus help you to stay updated with the latest updates, issues, and progress.  Therefore, it is important that you do a check about the response time of the process server.

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Number of Attempts

The number of attempts is a very important feature of the process servers. You must check this feature and then select or choose the process server for you. The times you select a process fee do not forget to check the numbers of attempts for serving the documents are there. The average number of attempts generally offered varies between 3 to 5 attempts.

Determination of Final Cost

Always, make sure that you get the details and the breakdown of the final cost involved with the process server. Make a list of questions and include question like multiple documentation fee, mileage fee, service fee etc. The answers to these questions will help you in determining the final cost that you may have to bear.
Criss Derek has been dealing with 2u Rackmount for a long time. He has gathered years of experience and ample amount of knowledge regarding the same. His Blog is always found with latest updates on process server.
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Microsoft Shutting Down its Live Messanger, Skype on Rocks

Microsoft Shutting Down its Live Messanger, Skype on Rocks

Soon, you'll no longer be able to use Microsoft messenger as Microsoft planning to replace it with Skype, an Internet telephony service giant bought by Microsoft in late 2011. This news is confirmed by Microsoft after sending Email to users having messenger installed on their PC or Laptop. 

              Microsoft Skype Collaboration

Microsoft said that they were retiring messenger and all of its services by 15 March'2013 in every country except China, and advises users to update to Skype with their existing account details prior to its retirement. Microsoft also confirmed that you'll be able to video chat and instant message just like before, along with new and improved GUI. You can also embed his new version of Skype to your mobile or table PC.

Since, with the release of Skype 6.0, user was accessing their Skype account with Microsoft live which is clear indication of this transition.  

Microsoft bought Skype for $ 8.5 billion in 2011 and since then, regularly improving it as much as they can. Skype allows user to make free or low cost phone calls over internet using their computers or Smartphone’s. 

This news might be shocking for users who would love to use messenger but this Skype release might give you no reason to worry. Cheers. 

Don't forget to sounds off your comments below and share this post over web if you enjoyed reading. 

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Easy solutions for the problems of MS Office Professional!

Easy solutions for the problems of MS Office Professional!

Microsoft Office Professional is a program that nobody can do without. Right from a working professional to a student, everybody needs it extremely. It is of course, because of its powerful features to create documents, spreadsheets. Word processing speed is extremely good, when compared to any other such kind of programs.

MS Office Professional Training

The bad part is that, this powerful program encounters many problems that may be annoying, when you are on the verge of initiating or completing an important work. There are certain problems, which have simpler solution and can be sorted with little bit of technical knowledge.

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We have made an attempt to acquaint you with few of such problems and their simple solutions.

How to identify, if there is a problem with the program? 
If there is a problem, you can see a box popping up in front of you, while you are working with the program. This box will have the error message in it.

Another possibility is that your application will run in an abnormal manner.

Automatic Spelling & Grammar Check
You do not have to worry, if you’re not good at spellings or grammar. It is because MS Office comes with a wonderful feature of spell and grammar check. It keeps a track, whether you’re making any spelling mistake or grammatical error, while creating your document. The moment it comes across any such mistake, you will be alerted and you will be given options to make the corrections.

To enable this feature, follow these simple steps:

Go to ‘Edit’-> open the ‘Options’ menu -> check the boxes of ‘Check spelling as you type’ & ‘Check grammar as you type’ in ‘Proofing section’.

I am facing problem in activating MS Office. What should I do now?
Initially, try to find whether you are typing the exact product key or not. If it is not working, then try to activate it from within the ‘Activation Manager’.

Is it not working still? That is sad! Are you sure that it is not the OEM version? If it is the OEM version, then let us tell you that OEM version is meant for one computer. You cannot install it in more than one computer.

Have you lost the genuine MS Office Professional CD?
Don’t panic, if you have lost your original CD of MS Office Professional. Microsoft has made a provision for its users to get a replacement shipped to their address, by confirming their ownership. You just need to call them and provide the proof of your authentication, and that is it.

Problems might seem to be bigger with MS Office Professional, but they have simple solution and few of them have been cited above. Next time, you come across any problem with your MS Office Professional, try to troubleshoot it yourself instead of spending money on any technician.

-Authored by Sarah Bruce. Sarah is an SEO analyst and a Technical Support Specialist. Do visit MyTechGurus for further assistance or any Tech Support related issues or our channel on Technical support to help yourself. MyTechGurus is an Independent Remote Technical Support company.

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A guide to proper usage of ticket sales software

A guide to proper usage of ticket sales software

A label sales software is software which helps in creation of web based tickets in a very less time. In other words, ticket auction software helps in providing the abilities in the people or organizations to sell and issue the smart phone tickets which are also known as print at home tickets for any event or program being conducted. Once the ticket has been made and designed it can be scanned on the website using the facility of I Phone. This is a very helpful tool which helps in providing various facilities which include scheduling and sending the e mail reminders in order to access the tickets, issuing of the tickets to the people which are related to any event, reserving of the tickets for the events, managing the attendee participation, customization of the tickets which were initially used for the outsiders and many other facilities which helps in creation of the tickets and also issuing of the print at home tickets. 

Ticketing Sales Software

How to efficiently use the ticketing sales software
Making use of the ticketing sales software is very easy and simple. The ticketing and the events admissions is a field which is being used by the people. This software which allows the people to issue and sell the tickets which can be printed and surveyed with the help of smart phones at home itself. This can also be done with the help of mobile check in applications which helps in providing various validation, scanning, attendance and also checking in of the record of the participants. Using this ticketing sales software is very useful and easy for the people if they understand the entire process and make use of it efficiently. 

Doing the online registrations and completing the payment
One of the first and foremost steps is to complete the online registration and pay the decided amount on the website if anyone is willing to use the internet based ticket software. For the creation of the tickets with the help of this software, one does not needs to make any kinds of special efforts. This ticket shop widget can be easily incorporated on the organizations website. Once this is incorporated, this tool can be used with the help of various sub-pages and widgets which helps in making this process highly easy and on the other hand highly exciting.

Recognition of the brand on the ticketing page
The people who are engaged in making of the online tickets for any event or any program at their home with the help of their smart phones will have to give an appropriate brand name to the tickets. This would help them gaining recognition in the world of software and technology. 

Making use of professional ticketing
The tickets and the design of the ticket can be made according to the wish of the designer. But it should be kept in their mind that a professional look should also be given to the tickets if they are willing to attract people to that event for which the ticket has been designed. Various sponsor advertisements and logos should be used on the tickets.

Effective and efficient promotion of the tickets designed
In order to use the internet based ticketing software in the most efficient manner, there should be enough promotion methods and modes available. In other words, the tickets designed by the people using their smart phones should be given proper promotion. The tickets should be designed in the best and most attractive manner and it should be also given proper promotion on the same time. The names of various sponsors should be mentioned on the tickets so that the people think that the tickets are genuine enough and they pay a visit to that particular event for which the ticket has been designed. Also, the tickets can be made by checking in on the iPhone's which is considered to be one of the easiest mode of designing of the tickets and selling of the same.

Author Bio:-
Criss Derek is in the business or in the world of Ticket Sales Software for a long time now and has all the necessary information which is required in the same field. 

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Avira Antivirus 2013 – Review

Avira Antivirus 2013 – Review

Nobody seems to quite understand why anti-virus vendors offer their products free of charge. However, the great thing is that almost all leading creators of this kind of software offer it free of charge, so why not enjoy the benefit as long as it lasts? The version for 2013 offered by one of the companies is Avira Antivirus. Let us see what this company has to offer.

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This vendor does not seem to be too different from the other companies as Avira’s primary window  too has a link that urges you to look at the all the features the paid version has to offer, including the complete suite for security. This window also tells you about common tasks and how you can go about them, like keeping yourself informed about updates, about an impending scan, and alerts about the protection being turned on or off. There is also a panel on the left side that has links that take you to complete configuration and other common tasks.

If you wish to check out Avira’s latest updates on “Experts Market”, you simply need to click the relevant button that you will find on the bottom right. One great feature is that people possessing expertise can offer their services if they wish to, by signing up to offer their support in areas they are good in.  You are at will to discuss your problem and have an expert review it for you, and mutually agree on a price for troubleshooting. Experts can have their reputation built with the ratings given by people who have benefited through their expert advice. The price keeps changing based on the ratings and the demand for the particular domain of expertise.

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However, if encounter any problems while testing, you can turn to basic tech support instead of relying on the Experts Market. You never know, because you could face issues with malware that could force you to reboot during the install. Sometimes after repair, the essential services could get disrupted or even disabled. One good feature is that as a person enjoying free period offer, you are entitled to seek tech support through email. Once you shoot them your email, you could get an immediate response asking you to use the Avira Antivirus Rescue System, which is an antivirus feature that is bootable.  However, sometimes the rescue scan to does nothing much and leaves everything on a freeze.

In such circumstances, Avira would rush to offer you remote support by taking charge of your PC to fix the issue for you. If you think you would be comfortable with that (you need to reveal your IP details (address) to enable them to take control) you can go ahead and let them fix the issue for you.  Avira also has a real-time detection system that detects threats and gets rid of them by performing a mini-scan. On detecting malware, Avira will either destroy it or simply deny access.  Avira has the capacity to detect over 95% of the malware that can cause a security risk, and block whatever has been detected.  Overall, for a free antivirus software, it is good.

This article has been brought to you by Teyona Dame of, offers savings and current information on xfinity.

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Why You Must Follow Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Best Career Options

Why You Must Follow Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Best Career Options

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a comprehensive ERP solution for business projects, developed and constructed to serve a particular purpose across 5 industries, along with complete, fundamental ERP practicality for financial, human resources and operations administration. It enables IT pros and aspirants to foresee and be ready for variations, so that business can flourish effectively. All of such benefits and knowledge are presented in a single worldwide solution providing you swift time to worth.

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Dynamics AX 2012 enable you to satisfy your business needs comfortably with purpose-built expertise and abilities for 5 industries in a single, complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. This only one of its kind way offers enhanced value quicker, particularly for international businesses that span several industries. It definitely will enable you to build a lucrative career and perform your responsibilities extremely well.

Complete ERP capabilities
Microsoft Dynamics AX is influential, inclusive ERP software that supports outfitted good organization in all major operational fields such as financial administration, business intelligence and reporting, sales and marketing, procurement and sourcing, supply chain administration, project administration and accounting, human capital administration, worldwide risk and agreement, environmental sustainability, and country-specific capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides an affluent set of fundamental skills and a modern most effective way for ERP. Consequently, it allows employees in an organization to perform their duties in a best way and enables a company to swiftly bring updated technologies to satisfy the up-and-coming opportunities. Some of the main features of Microsoft dynamics AX are:

It is powerful: powerful in a sense that it enables you to get more value rapidly with a single, thorough ERP solution that supports organizational-oriented particular and operational requirements across your international enterprise. It provides numerous, purpose-built business and functional skills and abilities in one solution. It is a worldwide solution with business administration support for various projects in thirty-six countries.
It is agile, as it helps increase business chances, verify procedures, and distinguish a business with thorough ERP software that allows extraordinary agility. It also helps natural modeling to constantly plan, envisage, and modify ways and approaches. It provides flexible deployment choices like 2-tier ERP that can vary as you nurture.
It is simple: It drives user participation and improvement with a business administration solution that is very easy and comfy to use, implement, and organize—and provide simple data availability and methods. It enables professionals to innovate with rapid info and business methods availability. It provides incorporated, self-service teamwork skills and ways for employees, clients, suppliers, and collaborators. Moreover, it enables to learn application life-cycle administration to make more efficient IT processes from early use through long-term modification.

Flexible Operation Choices
It provides flexible operation choices allowing you choice now and flexibility opportunities in the coming events and projects. Some of deployment option is as follows:

  • Implement on-premises or with associate-hosted cloud solutions that possibly will lessen your direct speculation.
  • Deploy solutions all straight away, or in phases as per requirements.
  • Follow a 2-tier ERP plan where Microsoft Dynamics AX is incorporated with business-broad ERP system.

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