6 Tips for Choosing an Online Donation Software Package

There are literally tons of the online fundraising and donation software systems to pick from. Weighing each of them against other can be an uphill task; you will always tend to get confused between the functionalities, your own needs, clear understanding of how some of those software work, your budget, and a host of other things.

Online donation software

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Considering all of the aspects can be quite confusing while making a choice, so here are top 5 tips for purchasing an online donation software package -

1. Data Security: This is an absolute must in today’s world of ever-increasing cyber-crime. Anything that is posted online can be potentially stolen away by one of those cyber criminals. This also includes personal information and credit card details that your donors offer. Make sure the choices you are looking at, are PCI/DSS certified; this ensures that your software is good enough for accepting both Visa and MasterCard, which in turns gives peace to your donors in knowing that their details are properly encrypted and confidential. Apart from this, all the information should also be saved on one of the redundant servers for dealing with unpleasant situations like an unpredicted outage. This way no malicious user or equipment failure can compromise such valuable information.

2. Uniqueness: The ones that appear like cookie cutter can be a cost effective solution, but if the software is not good enough it can also reduce your potential. You would need a software solution, which mirrors your company so that it has a powerful impact on people. Remember that you want it to be unique and distinct from others and simply cloning other sites will certainly not help the cause.

3. Specific Features for Your Needs: There are tons of different features that a donation software package comes with. Your goal should be to find out the one that covers all your needs. Few extra features here and there won’t harm you, but you wouldn’t to land with a fancy software app, which looks flashy with its numerous features, but lacks few basics that you badly need.

4. Donate Button: Getting visitors or potential donors to land on your website is only the first step. Your next goal should be to make it easy for the customer who is indulged with your cause to make his donation right away. Make it a point to place a donate button on all the pages of your website. This would help a potential donor to make an immediate donation as and when he wants irrespective of the web page of your website he is viewing at any point of time.

5. Customer Service: The customer service that you offer might not be a big issue but if customer service of the software provider is not very good to deal with, then the solutions you are looking for, won’t come easy. In other words, it is kind of important that you look at only those companies who are known for offering great customer support.

6. Social Networking Compatibility: To get the most out of your online donation software, buy something that is compatible with social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. These social networking sites, in particular, have the widest reach in the world and can drastically improve your chances of getting a donation. When donors see your efforts of reaching out to the people to serve a noble cause, they are more likely to offer a helping hand, so don’t underestimate the power of social media.

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Take a good look at all the options out there in the market and weigh the pros and cons of each of them before finalizing on an online donation software package.

Author Bio:-
Criss Derek is the marketing manager of a company that produces top-notch online donation software packages. He advises customers to seek comprehensive demo of the product before making a decision.

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