Before Christmas, choose a Smart Box for Smart TV Viewing

Before Christmas, choose a Smart Box for Smart TV Viewing
Televisions have always been an integral part of our life, they perhaps are like a unique member of our family whom we listen and watch. And these days by the way, who needs just a regular TV when you can afford a SMART T.V. by shedding few thousand rupees. One must remember that our life doesn't limit only to entertain ourselves simply by watching the ‘Oprah show’, but life expands to reaching our social circle though various social networking websites, replying an important personal or professional mails, even browsing the web just for fun. Yes, to accomplish these activities we do need a Smart TV that facilitates all of the above mentioned daily activities.


What exactly we mean by a Smart Box? Just like computers, a Smart Box is a device that runs on an OS (Windows, Android, and Linux Ubuntu). The box is made to connect with the TV set through the help of HDMi and its built-in USB ports allow any storage media devices such as external drive, pen drives etc. to get connected and easily access the media files.  Moreover, the Smart box uses Wi-Fi connectivity feature to put a user on the web and make him access his social networking sites, emails and the entire web.

So, let’s consider what choice of Smart TV boxes we have just before Christmas. 

·    The Affordable Portronics Lime box: Priced at Rs. 8499/- the Lime box is the Smart box that can easily penetrate into Indian Smart TV markets and in homes too. According to its well looking price, it 2.3 Gingerbread Android OS, 1.2Ghz Rockchip processor, slot for SD, Wi-Fi, 512MB RAM, HDMi and Remote for comfortable on-off of the device. Limebox is stylish smart box perhaps a cute looking device that could really win over the hearts of buyers. Talking of how it manages to play the media files then read this out: a heavy definition MKV file or MP4 runs steadily with fast forward & rewind. When connected to the Wi-Fi, the YouTube videos are on the zoom and loads without delays. Certain disadvantages of the Limebox are: absence of keyboard and mouse can be felt which hinders user to play several games including Angry Birds.

Akai Smart Box: Akai is already a well established name in TV markets and its Smart box is priced amazingly at 6,990/- which runs on the same 2.3 Android Gingebeared OS but have 1GB of RAM. This smart box has an edge over the Limebox as it offers a wireless mouse. The mouse back button (through the right-click) helps the user to comfortably navigate the interface. Talking of the interface it gives easy access to the features through set of shortcuts like media, games etc. Certain disadvantages for the same are: troublesome playing of few heavy files like MKV HD movies, few jolting app games.

Zotac Zbox Nano XS AD11: We can say that this smart box is the hunk amongst all the other smart boxes available. Loaded with AMD Dual Core processor, 2GB RAM, 64GB SATA drive, 6 in 1 memory card, wifi dongle and ability to run Windows 7 OS comfortably (although it comes No OS Pre-installed), The Zotac Zbox Nano XS AD11 looks tiny but it features unfold to playing heavy games like Prototype-2, NFS on specific low settings, a webcam that can help you with vide chat on Skype, Windows media center remote control etc. Several Cons of the Zotac: No per-installed OS makes it bit costly if you choose to go for the registered Windows OS. Again shred few more bucks to acquire a keyboard and a mouse which can turn Zotac into a complete PC. Although price is around 25,400, it cannot be put under the disadvantages of the product considering the amount few good features it offers.

That means, between a budgets of 7K – 25K, you can own a perfect Smart box which can transform your TV room into a real smart working environment. 

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Innovative iPhone Apps Development By Hiring Expert Developers

Innovative iPhone Apps Development By Hiring Expert Developers
Since its launching, iPhone has appeared with large market for iPhone App Development. Within 2 years of its launch, almost 33 millions of iPhone has been available and over 225,000 iPhone apps were developed within shorter time. With the launch of iPhone 4G, its selling has especially improved. There are ranges of apps which create iPhone a user-friendly device. IPhone is loaded with large multi-media features. Also it has broadband internet and Wi-Fi services to evaluate with other mobile platforms specifically the smart phones all around the world.

Dynamic features of iPhone Apps

You are performing multitasking functions with iPhone. It has greater resolution compare to other mobile phone. It gives the iBooks, iTunes apps, app store and a lot more. IPhone has multi-touch screen, Wi-Fi connections and exclusive keyboard. IPhone Global Positioning System navigation can also done byiPhone applications


Day-to-day New creative thoughts growing about iPhone applications in iPhone industry and it makes the need of iPhone app developers. The business owner is coming with new concepts about numerous applications development. To transfer these concepts into reality platform they need iPhone application developers who are focused, reliable and allowed to fulfill with your requirement. Actually it is very hard to get iPhone developers in the industry so you have to outsource your work. There are numerous outsourcing companies working in the industry. You can hire iPhone developers from such trusted companies.

Outsource iPhone development company give hire iPhone app developer services in various packages. So you can hire iPhone developer and specific iPhone team for part-time, full time and on per hour basis. They have high-quality facilities features and communication facilities. You can talk your iPhone developers by email, chat, messenger and worldwide calling system.

IPhone developers work below good ways. First of all iPhone application developers gather all the details regarding to your business and then take action based on your business needs. IPhone application developers give prototypes and hold on your acceptance. IPhone developer testing routinely during the app development and results in no error in coding. IPhone developers are ready to take duty of maintenance at post programming step.

The qualifications for iPhone developers

IPhone developers must have good experience and skills to make dynamic iPhone applications which will develop the eye-catching app. When customers want to hire iPhone developer then he should ensure the developer must the skills in modifying app. The iPhone developers should have the complete skills of iPhone SDKto make eye-catching and extremely eye-catching iPhone app. iPhone app developers should give technical help whenever needed in any level of the task statics. Full customers support should be given by the developers to the customers.

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Darrell Morgan is professional content writer interested to writing articles on mobile application development industry and also for iPhone apps development organizations. Follow me on Twitter @arthisoft
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How to Enable Do Not Track -DNT Feature in Google Chrome 23

How to Enable Do Not Track -DNT Feature in Google Chrome 23
As many of you may already know that some websites would use to collect and track data of our browsing records. Later then, those website will distribute these records over web services and various ads publishing platform to show us most relevant ads, content and other stuff  on whichever website we stop or go through. 

Chrome Do Not Track

Some recently updated versions of famous browsers like Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome will prevent such website to track user behavior which are complying with Do Not Track (DNT) agreement. In Mozilla, you can avail this benefit by default or by opening 'Private Browsing' option under Tools > Start Private Browsing but in Chrome, you need to set this feature by opening settings menu. Follow the below steps to enable this feature in Google Chrome:

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How to prevent chrome from tracking your browsing record?

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the Wrench Menu located at the top left corner, just below the browser Close button.
  3. Choose settings and click on Advanced Settings, located just right after the Default Browser Tab.
  4. Under Privacy options, see the last option stating 'Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic' and mark check the box located in front of this option.
    Note: I've found few good options under privacy menu and would recommend to mark check them all. 
Benefits of Enabling 'Do Not Track' Feature
Below listed are few top notch benefits that may include higher security, hassle free internet surfing etc.

  1. Protect users online privacy.
  2. Protect online advertisers to track your past data and showing targeted ads.
  3. Ensures you to stay away from annoying and bogus ads. 
  4. Protect online phishing and malware attach from vulnerable websites.
  5. DNT Feature going to ruin online advertiser businesses.   
These are some of the great features of enabling DNT feature in whatever browser you are using. Anyone can avail the benefits of this feature in Windows, Mac and Linux OS as well as mostly in all browsers. 

Don't forget to sounds off your own opinion about this unique feature recently introduced in Google Chrome. Happy and safe browsing.  
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How animation helps in building successful web pages

How animation helps in building successful web pages

The technical advancements in the present world are at an enormous and rapid rate. Technology has also played its part in the animation industry. Animation has been widely popularized and utilized to a great extent. With the help of animation one can improve a webpage as well. In the yesteryears it was more of graphics and images that occupied most sections of the web page. The latest advancements in the animation industry have brought a lot of visual effects and have helped in creating exceptional website. When an animation is created in a web page, there are certain advantages added to that.  One of biggest reasons for adding animation in a page is that it grabs a lot of viewer attention, because any type of motion attracts viewers. This also helps in giving a clear idea to the viewer as well as act as an entertainment. It should be also understood that the purpose of an animation should be clear and the web page developer needs to remember he should not overdo the animation.  It depends on the business for which the webpage is created and based on these, animations are created. Certain websites based on business or other formal/professional websites may actually require less animation features.  

Building Animation

    Here are basic factors that help in developing a website with the help of animation -

  • Improvised attentions for viewers – It is always noticed and found that the human eyes track movement at a faster pace. With the help of an animation the viewer attention is normally drawn to that animated object. This is one of the biggest factors why most of the online advertisements have animated visuals.

  • Faster reaction from viewers - With the help of animation, an instant reaction can be created among the viewers. Online visitors do have a tendency to explore the ad banners that appears on a web page.  

  • Build an impression – A visual image can definitely create a much better impression than just plain words or content. This also helps in marketing various products through a web page.

  • Target market audience- The web page marketing strategy works different for various businesses. Although it’s the young crowd that utilizes the web page specifications and marketing strategies can based on business type and expected target audience. 

  • Entertainment value can be created- Since animation draws a lot of attention, the entertainment value created by animation is always high.
Michael is a freelancer writing, currently working with Zco Corporation.
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Everything Need to Know Before Installing Windows 8

Everything Need to Know Before Installing Windows 8
Windows 8 is the biggest release of October month in the year 2012 and most talked among professionals. Criticizer has driven some pros and cons of having Windows 8 machine and I'll address the needed specifications for you to make your PC Windows 8 enabled. Normal as well as advanced users would already try Windows 8 however the final released version requires certain specifications unlike the pre-released version. 

Windows 8 Start Screen

October 26 was the date when Windows 8 released worldwide and since then Microsoft offers Msheep (People who fall in love with Windows OS) or Windows OS users to upgrade their current PC to Windows 8 or Windows 8 PRO for only $39.99, purchase from Microsoft. It doesn't matter whether you are using Windows XP, Vista or 7 everyone is free to taste Windows 8 after paying the minimal cost as well as have the flexibility to travel with all their PC settings & configurations, personal files and third party applications. 

Though, these features are limited if you are using older version of Windows OS. Yeah, you need to focus on below points for more details:

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant
Upgrade Assistant for Windows 7 OS
  • Windows 7 users can transfer their system configuration settings, saved data and third party applications if they have purchase it after Feb 17 and before end June. 
  • Windows Vista users can only transfer their saved data and user settings. Installed application of Windows Vista is no more supported by Windows 8. Don’t worries, Windows 8 have the great apps gallery to provide you all the benefits of Vista in more improved and fast way.
  • In the end, Windows XP users can only transfer their hard drive data. User settings and applications programs are all limited to only Windows 8. 
After reading the above pros and cons (Depends on the Version you are using) of having Windows 8, you can heads up to requirement sheet needed to install Windows 8. However if you don't have those requirements, you need to begin preparing for Windows 8. Don't worry I'll tell you in rest parts of this article and ensures that anyone of you can have Windows 8 on their targeted machine. 

You can directly check for Windows 8 compatibility, Online facility provided by MS to test and make sure that weather your current configured PC can have Windows 8 or not. Alternatively, Below are some quick introduction regarding Windows 8 requirement:

  • Processor 1GHz or Above
  • RAM : 1 GB for 32-Bit or 2 GB for 64-Bit
  • Space : Minimum 20 GB of hard disk Space 
  • Videos graphics and direct x will be latest or upgraded from previous OS.
Moreover, above mentioned requirements are almost similar to Windows 7, so if you have PC running Windows 7 can easily upgrade to Windows 8 without looking for any extra specific requirements. Out of above mentioned requirement, you need to take care of some other things to make sure that everything is working fine and you will never lost your precious data.

Backup, Backup, Backup!!! 

The most important thing you should never forgot, that is to take backup of all your important files and folders to an external storage media before going to install Windows 8. This will assures that if anything goes wrong, you're still able to retrieve your files. There are many ways to take backup and live up with your old data, such as creating system Image or create drive/volume backup. You can also backup your emails, important bookmarks and files history and synchronize it to your new Windows 8.

Remove bugs, traces of faulty third party applications
This is to free you from old program bugs, malware/virus or anything else that could ruin the joys of your Windows 8. You are advised to uninstall useless third party applications, remove junk from system and repair damaged or corrupted registries. However, if you don't want to mess up yourself with such headache, you could simply choose a fresh copy of Windows 8 installation and easily remove all traces of your previous OS as files and documents. Remember, this option will wipe off everything on your hard drive and if you don't have backup copy, you could never see your data in future. 

Backup Hardware Drivers Too
It is possible that new Windows 8 could failed to support some or all of your system hardware parts and Windows 8 upgrade assistant may flag such items to be not able to carry forward to Windows 8. You don't want to lose your important drivers, right? For same, you are advised to backup your driver’s setup copy and place it somewhere else and use it later for installing those items again in your Windows 8. 

Gather Product Keys and Setup File
As you choose to install Windows 8 and wipe off all your previous applications programs that is important but later you realizes and wants to carry it with your new Windows 8, you need setup files as well as license keys of the same. 

This is all you need to take care of before going to install the next generation OS-Windows 8 on you new  build o old PC. If you believe some or all of your hardware configurations are too old and couldn't handle the burden of Windows 8, you'll need to upgrade it ASAP to taste benefits of Windows 8. 

You can follow me on Twitter @techieworld1 or like my Facebook page to stay updated about any latest happenings on Windows 8. I'll appreciate your sharing and plussing. 
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