Top 10 Must have Google Chrome Extensions

Picking a browser isn’t easy and picking which add-ons to install isn’t any easier. For those with Google Chrome, the choices can be overwhelming. PC World estimates that over 300 extensions are launched on a daily basis. While digging through pages of extension can help you discover hidden jewels, this list will give you the Top 10 extensions that frequently appear of people’s “must have” lists.
1. Adblocker Plus: While Adblock is the most popular Chrome extension, Adblocker Plus will give you a little something extra. This extension blocks every ad (videos included) on every website that you visit.
2. AddThis: While sharing links to videos and links can be a bit of a pain, AddThis will make it much easier for you. This extension will allow you to share the desired content to popular sites as well as bookmark, translate, and print the pages.
3. Web of Trust: While this extension won’t block websites for you, it will give you the choice to proceed into or forgo entering a website using a scorecard that lets you know how trustworthy the site is regarding privacy, child safety, vendor reliability, etc.
4. Shareaholic for Google Chrome: If you’re like most users, you will have an account of various social networks. The extension will allow you to access networking sites such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn. You can share, save, or email the page you’re on to whichever email or social network you desire.
5. LastPass for Chrome: Have different passwords for numerous sites? This extension will not only help you remember which passwords belong to each site, it will also make them more secure. It will allow you to import and export passwords from various password managers.
6. Google Dictionary: This Google produced extension will allow you to use the definition of a word without having to leave the page. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it will save you the trouble of having to look up the definition elsewhere.
7. Xmarks Bookmark Sync: One of the more popular extensions for bookmarks, it allows users to sync their Chrome bookmarks with those from other browsers and computers. There is also a privacy feature which can be used to keep bookmarks private on one computer while allowing the rest of them to sync on other computers.
8. RSS Subscription Extension: I know, it should already be included with Chrome but it isn’t. This extension will allow you to subscribe to the feeds, as well as the reader, of your choice.
9. IE Tab: This extension is designed to help you view websites that work best on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer without having to actually use IE.
10. Add to Amazon Wish List: We often find products that we would like but are unable to afford at the moment. With this extension, you can create a wish list of items you would like from various websites, saved onto a single list on Amazon.

AUTHOR'S BIO: Ian Butler is an IT expert and after finishing Microsoft courses. he has dedicated his time to learning more about all the new things in the internet world. He hopes to get a job in Google one day.

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