How to Restore Last Opened Tabs in Chrome

It's been frustrating to start everything from the beginning in your chrome browser. Means, you have to type and open the websites again if you have closed your chrome browser either accidentally or intentionally. This happens because your browser settings are not set to restore tab lastly open in chrome Window.

Follow the easy steps showed below to set your Chrome to restore tab where you've left off. 

1. Click on wrench menu at the top right corner.

Wrench Menu Chrome

2. Click on settings to open the Chrome settings tab.

Chrome Settings Tab

3. Under 'On Startup' tab, click the radio button stating 'Continue where I left off'.

Chrome Choose startup Method
4. Close the window and restart your chrome to see changes. There is also an option to open any specific page you like such as Facebook, Google Plus etc. 

This one is the most basic setting but novice users like you have hard time to find these settings. Good luck with your chrome. You can find one more interesting post to make your Chrome super fast and full of valuable add ons. Check out my latest post ..Top 10 Must have Google Chrome Extensions.

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