GIVE AWAY - 1AVCenter, The Ultimate Audio Video Center Solution 100% FREE of Charge

Exciting news: PCWinSoft is giving out free copies of 1AVCenter, the video and audio recorder, broadcaster, secure file sharer, and remote surveillance monitor software. The price of 1AVCenter is $99.95 but in this exciting promotion you get it for FREE!

1AVCenter is like a swissknife for your audio and video. You gather a video source plus an optional audio source plus a task and you got a task running, but not to worry: 1AVCenter detects the hardware you have installed and right out the box it will present you with a list of tasks ready-to-run for your PC.
1AVCenter is a complete audio and video center. Tucows rated 1AVCenter with 5 cows.

What can one do with 1AVCenter? 
The possibilities are so vast that is almost overwhelming but here are some of the tasks you can accomplish with 1AVCenter: You can record movies from inside web browsers and media players, you can do remote surveillance on your desktop and access detected material from anywhere in the World securely, you can record your microphone or broadcast it on your own live podcasts, you can record narrated tutorials of screen activity, you can record your favorite songs from the web, you can securely share documents with your friends and co-workers, you can monitor your microphone and from anywhere be able to listen to detected conversation, you can broadcast a movie in high definition to share with your friends, you can record your TV tuner on a schedule, you can record and broadcast a device attached to your TV tuner live on the web, and the list goes on and on…

1AVCenter connectivity options start with the fact that the program publishes a secure 128-bit encryption protected website for you to share files securely over the web with your friends and co-workers, it is a safe way to share exe files. It does not stop there: 1AVCenter comes equipped with an e-mail sender and a FTP uploader so you can send and share files using different protocols.
Despite the brutal amount of tasks 1AVCenter can handle it is well designed and wizards make it all too easy to setup any giving task, and as a plus 1AVCenter works with profiles, 19 of them, that you can switch from one to the other with the click of a button, so you can have a profile to record narrated tutorials, and another to broadcast the microphone, and you can go from one to the other with one click of a button.

1AVCenter can be set to start when Windows starts, it can be set to run on all user accounts for monitoring tasks, and it has a stealth mode in which it vanishes from the user’s eye hiding itself even on the task manager which is perfect if you want to do remote video surveillance of how your PC is being used when you are not around it.

1AVCenter will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory.

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