Data Loss Reasons from Damaged or Failed Hard Drive

Hard Drive remains to be the most famous and traditional medium of storing data inside the system over other storage media devices such as flash drive, USB, removable media etc. Unlike it's benefits, there is some nightmare which needs to be addressed from the user end to make their hard drive data available always such as protection plan against hard drive failure or damaged cases & loosing hard drive data.

Among various data loss cases, hardware failure reserves the top position among famous reasons of data loss followed by hardware failure- DATALOSSDB Says.

Various Hard Drive Data Loss Reasons
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Failure do exist and often occurs within the users PC without notifying any errors or warning messages. Among different hardware parts, your hard drive have the higher probability of being failure and might give you no chance of recovering precious data from hard drive. So if you hadn't taken any backup or cloud hosted your data, do that immediately.
Below, you will find common causes of failed hard drive which yield data loss circumstances.

Power Surges
Improper power supply can cause hard drive equipment's to become failed or stop working properly. In most cases, this happens due to of not using any reliable source of power supply.

Hard drive is an electronic device and stat to wears out as time passes such as failed platter, spindle motor, head crash etc. After which, hard drive stops to perform normal read/write operation as well make your system completely unbootable. 

Human Errors
Human itself responsible for making wrong attempts while using the hard drive and make them damaged such as corrupted file system, misconfiguring the BIOS etc. These attempts were reversible but become the reasons of loosing whole your data.

Threats (Malware/Virus)
List of viruses were created every day to steal confidential information by altering the system configuration. It alters the system files and modify system registries which makes your system inaccessible.

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