5 Important Reasons to Host Your Data Online

Data plays an important role for businesses and home user to refresh their old memories or deciding crucial strategies to beat the competitors. In year 2012, 54% of business  has been put out of market due to loosing their important data, report says -Source (DataLossDB). Data loss event can strike at any moment and won't give prior information as well as make users unable to reclaim their data, either using data recovery software or services.

Data Cloud Hosting

However, deciding better data loss prevention strategies could minimize data loss situations and makes your data available even if major disastrous situations arise. Since from childhood, we continued to listen about taking data backup but these traditional ways aren't effective anymore, at least in today's world where your system can be hacked at any moment or your hard drive can become damaged before signifying any errors etc.

Cloud hosting data would become the fist choice of every business which provides excellent faulty tolerance capability, data availability & portability, free from corruption etc. Anyone could cloud store their data for free (for certain size of files) or by paying money (For storing large amount of data).
Here, you can find the list of top 5 reasons about why you should choose cloud hosting facilities.

Fault Tolerant:
Commonly used storage media devices won't provide any data prevention guarantees as every electronic device wears out as time passes. Cloud hosting options will store your data on network attached storage (NAS) devices which saves your data in fragments and distribute your data to more than one devices. As results, your cloud hosted data will remain same even if server side failure occurs.

Your data were ready to use wherever you go using networks. You don't need to have extra device such as external storage device to access your important data.

Cloud hosting gives your data security, a step ahead than normal antivirus program. Hackers or eavesdropper can't theft your hosted data in any way as well as won't able to make it corrupted.

This is the most talked and famous features that every user would seek and found helpful. User can store and share their cloud hosted data with anyone they want.

Speed Matters
Yes offcourse. The most desired features that you would accept to have from cloud hosting provider. Store your data in safe, fast and efficient manner. 

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