8 Best Ways to Speed Up Slow Apple Mac Without Using Paid Software

MAC computers have bunch of features, utilities to make it look attractive and running well for a longer period of time. Though, I've found many users complaining about their slow MAC and they used to format it very often to get the standard speed. Definitely, formatting MAC computer would be the simplest solution but you can't do that task all the time, right?

Speed Up Slow MAC

I'm not a regular MAC user but can suggest some magnificient ways to speed up your slow MAC in an efficient and hassle free way. I've found ways that is effective and will definitely boost speed of your slow MAC (You can apply these methods to any version of your MAC OS). It is recommended to thoroughly read the guidelines for producing the desired results. Ready to make your slow MAC fast enough, here are the steps:
  1. Most obvious thing you can do to boost MAC OS loading time, is by loading MAC with minimal set of Login items.  You can do so by going to System Preferences > Users & Groups.
  2. Disable widgets that is not needed or you are still OK without using that widgets. Doing this will slightly improve the memory load as well as the processing power. 

    a) Open terminal from applications > Utilities > Terminal
    b) Copy & paste the following code into terminal and hit enter defaults write 
        com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean YES
    c) Again, write killall Dock and hit enter. 

  3. Freeing up disk space will reduce the time to easily load, access and share files around the MAC computer. Your MAC computer invests the maximum time if your disk is filled up with unnecessary files. The simplest solution is to delete them or move them into removable media devices such as ext. hard drive, memory card, flash drive etc. It's all up to you to choose which file you want in your computer and which files you've to move from computer.
  4. Apps are the heart of any Apple based computer which might provides you with bunch of functionality and features. Definitely, you need them whenever you are using your computer. Probably, there are few apps which you don't use or use randomly.  Consider removing it, at least for the time being to avoid freezing and hanging. There are tons of apps such as Uninstaller, which guides you through removing unnecessary apps with a single click.
  5. Every modern computer needs external tools and utilities to monitor and maintain the system consistency as well as operating speed. CCleaner is the best tool that I had ever come across. The  best part is, you can use this for Windows and for your MAC computer. After installing, you can use this weekly or monthly to clean cache, junk files, browser cache without navigating separately for each to delete them.
  6. Upgrading system configuration such as increasing RAM modules, lightweight OS, latest processor are the best options which can helps you to meet system requirements with latest running apps on your MAC computer.
  7. If your slow MAC started to annoys you while retrieving files inside the hard drive or hangs and shows hard drive related error messages, then it's time to go for SSD (Solid state drives). It'll costs you a bit money but greatly helps you in getting high performance MAC computer as well as ensures you to stay away from any system level failure and never loose your precious data.

    SSD contains several micro chips in serial format and store data accordinly in a highest speed and allows to instantly access huge files. Though, once it fails you are not supposed to get your data back as data recovery process is much more difficult from SSD  rather than HDD.
  8. As like 'Tast Manger' of Windows OS, MAC also have a great utility called 'Activity Monitor' which constantly running in the background and lists all the processes that are currently using MAC system resources. You can find this under utilities folder to check list of junk processes that hugely requires your MAC computer resources. You may kill them instantly by clicking on End Process tab option. Any incompatible process can kill your computer speed and gives you freezing and hanging problem.
So, that's all i have but most welcome other suggestions from you all using the comments section below. Next time, I'll come up with some different unique ideas to help you keep using your MAC computer in hassle free way. 

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